Fashionista Pryanca Talukdar: Few Styling Tips And Fashion Hacks

Miss Bahrain shares fashion tips

Pryanca Talukdar
Pryanca Talukdar- Fashion Influencer.

India-born Miss Bahrain and fashion influencer Pryanca Talukdar say she is all about minimalism with an edge and loves details.

In an interview with IANSlife, the fashionista Pryanca Talukdar who recently collaborated with denim brand Freakins to launch its latest collection shares few styling tips for the collection and also reveals her fashion hacks. Excerpts:

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Q: What was the idea behind the collaboration with Freakins?

A: I remember being over the moon when I was asked to be a part of this collaboration and honestly it is a dream come true (to not exaggerate a bit) for anybody working in the fashion field to have their own fashion line. What excited me more about this collaboration was the fact that I was going to be involved in the whole process of designing, sampling, working the fits, and reworking to finally launch the collection.

This has been a smooth sailing journey of these many months we put in our hard work together as a team. I want to give a big shoutout to Freakins for being with me on the same page, giving me the freedom to try out bold fits, and for helping with everything when I would get cloudy. This is one for the books for sure.

Pryanca Talukdar
White pants, bags, bodysuits are a must-have says Pryanca. Pixabay

Q: Help us with some styling tips for the collection

A: I am all about minimalism with an edge. I love details, I love co-ords, I love styling oversized outfits as much as I like skin fits. So, in this capsule collection, you’ll see it all. I feel and I don’t want to sound corny but every piece is an extension of my personality.

I especially shot my campaign to help people how they could style the outfits. Like I said I kept it minimal with jewels because denim in itself speaks volumes and you don’t need to do much to stand out.

Q: What are the five must-have things in your wardrobe?

A: Oversized denim jacket, Joggers, White/nude bodysuit, White pants, and Jeans OMG.

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Q: Share three fashion hacks

A: On darker days just pick a co-ord with a nice pair of shoes and you’re good to go. Front knot your regular tee to make it a crop. Put anything oversized over your pants and tee or your athleisure to up the game.

Q: A piece of advice for upcoming bloggers/influencers?

A: Dedication, passion, and staying true to yourself. Every person has their style, embrace that, bring that to the table, let people see YOU. I often get asked about how to start blogging! Well honestly, I wouldn’t know how to answer that because I don’t know when I started, I just did what made me happy and in no time it turned into a full-time job, so staying focused comes naturally to me because what I do is what I am most passionate about. (IANS)