Fear Privacy Breach? Simple Things that will Help you to Avoid Getting Hacked!

Simple things you should do to avoid getting hacked!

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October 20, 2016: Even a few years ago, hacking was a difficult thing. Now by using a simple malware or may be a little trick, your social media accounts can be hacked in no time. So, it is necessary to know simple things to avoid it. Here are a few ways by which it can be done!

1. Try not to use your primary email for other purposes-


Nowadays, almost all sites or apps require a sign-in these days. And, we tend to use our primary email in most of the cases. It is undoubtedly a pain to create a separate email for such purposes but then you’ll be safe from possible spams.

2. Type the web addresses out instead of clicking on them directly-


We get a lot of anonymous mails and often tend to click on the hyperlink given without thinking twice. Try and avoid doing that and if it requires you to sign in or it requires you to provide details, in that case instead of clicking on the link, you should type it out to see whether it is at all an actual website or it’s a fake one.

How to tell whether it’s a fake website or not only by typing it out? Things like a small alphabet swap from the name of the real website or addition to it can tell you whether it’s fake or not.

3. Never use the same password for different accounts-


Remembering passwords are a really difficult task, and often people tend to use the same password for different accounts. But this little thing will help you to be safe.

4. Try not to link your accounts-


Linking of the social media accounts to each other is more like an open invitation to the hackers. If a hacker gets an access to any one of your accounts, they’ll automatically get an access to all the other accounts as well. Linking the accounts makes life easier but that may cost you. So, it is better not to practice this.

5. Two-step verification process should be used always-


Two-step verification process is safer and most of the sites now have it. This process is that of sending a unique code to your registered mobile number to which only you have access to. And without consuming much of your time, it provides you with a second security blanket. So, this process should always be preferred.

– by Pinaz Kazi of NewsGram. Twitter: @PinazKazi


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