Drinks to gift this Christmas

Ringing in festive cheer over clinking glasses is the celebration of Christmas.
Christmas Drinks (SJ/IANS)
Christmas Drinks (SJ/IANS)Christmas Drinks

Ringing in festive cheer over clinking glasses is the celebration of Christmas. Whether you like your tipple strong or with a twist, we've listed a few options for you to try and they also make for a great gift:

Royal Ranthambore whiskey

Inspired by the majestic tigers from the land of royalty, The Royal Crafted Rare Whisky is painstakingly crafted with various bespoke blended malt scotches from different geographical regions. The rare scotch grain is made from 100 percent malted barley, carefully blended with oak-infused Indian Grain Neutral Spirit to harmonize this royal blend. The colour of the whisky is inspired by the royal tigers of Ranthambore. Much like other premium whiskies, Royal Ranthambore is to be experienced rather than just swigged. There is a small ritual that is performed before one tipple this royal liquid. Pour it, hold it up, have a good whiff, take a sip that lingers in the mouth for a few seconds, and then, let it slowly flow down your throat.

Priced at Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 2000/- in Delhi


Inspired by two hundred years of London distilling history, the creation of Sipsmith balances modern technology with traditional recipes and techniques. With the finest quality botanicals sourced from all over the globe, it is crafted with a technique known as 'one-shot' distilling and is a perfect balance of 10 unique botanicals that make it smooth enough for a Martini, yet rich and balanced, perfect for a G&T. A quintessential expression of the London Dry Gin, every bottle is handcrafted in genuinely small batches and every drop is lovingly laboured by the hand, by dedicated distillers.

Available in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru and ranges from Rs. 5,485 to Rs. 7000 for a 700ml bottle

Glenmorangie Limited Edition Festive Pack

First released more than 175 years ago by the founders, the original Glenmorangie 10-year-old was known for its mellow tones and delicacy of flavour. The Original is the expression of our elegant spirit and the backbone of the range. It is distilled twice in the tallest stills in Scotland, creating delicate layers of citrus and floral notes. Matured for 10 years exclusively in the very best ex-Bourbon American white oak casks, only using 1st and 2nd fill casks, delivering a purer, smoother Spirit with deep notes of peach and sweet vanilla. Then it is bottled when the Spirit and casks are at the peak of maturity and flavour to deliver the perfect balance between sweetness and complexity.

Priced at Rs. 4,971/- in Delhi and Rs. 5990/- in Mumbai. Available pan India including New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore amongst other cities

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Years Old Batch 4

In October 2022, Ardbeg debuted in India a limited edition expression from its revered prestige range. The fourth bottling of its permanent 19-year-old expression, Ardbeg Traigh Bhan (pronounced tri-van) will be made available in the country exclusively via Duty-Free retail outlets in Mumbai and Delhi airports. Bringing the strictly limited edition launch to India is Ardbeg's first step in fulfilling the growing demand for its prestige offerings in the country.

Priced at Rs. 24,000/- in Delhi. Exclusively available in Travel Retail outlets at Mumbai and Delhi International Airports


The emblematic icon of the House of Hennessy, created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870, Hennessy X.O is the Original. It has remained unchanged since its creation, yet it never ceases to surprise the connoisseur, to whom it reveals more of its multiple facets every time it is tasted. Deep and powerful, the Eaux-de-vie of Hennessy X.O is between 12 to 30 years old. Aged in young barrels, they are marked out by their power and energy, but also by their capacity to achieve a great roundness through time. This selection of Eaux-de-vie, which has absorbed the wood tannins over a lengthy period, forms a cognac of a uniquely satisfying character, robust and rich with incredible persistence.

Priced at Rs. 37,384/- in Mumbai and Rs. 22,000/- in Gurgaon. Exclusively available in Retail outlets at Mumbai and Delhi

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka presents Belvedere Pure made with high-quality Polska rye, purified water, and a distillation process by fire to indulge in and make the most mundane of days, merry and memorable- be it shaken or stirred. Made With Nature - Made from only Polska rye, purified water, and a distillation process by fire. It contains zero additives, is certified kosher and is produced in accordance with the legal regulations of Polska vodka that dictate nothing can be added.

Priced at Rs. 3,735/- in Delhi, Rs. 6,176/- in Mumbai & Rs. 6,197/- in Bangalore. Available across retail outlets in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore

Moet & Chandon

Nothing evokes the excitement of a celebration more than the pop of a champagne cork and the fizz of bubbles. Celebrate festivities the Mo�t way to spread the spirit of cheer to make the moment extra memorable with Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial. What better your loved ones how wonderful they are than by raising a glass together? Boxed inside a sparkling cracker, it has a fruity flavour infused with strawberry, raspberry, and redcurrant, and those familiar bubbles; that are sure to make you feel sparkly & bright

Priced at Rs. 8,900/- in Delhi, Rs. 7,767/- in Bangalore, and Rs. 10,250/- in Mumbai. Available across retail outlets in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore

Festive Curations By The Simple Brew

This Christmas hamper is a great choice for the foodie in your life, as it includes a bottle of coffee concentrate, an assorted box of chocolates, a Coffee Bean/Vanilla Coconut Infused Bubble Candle, a charming dreamcatcher ornament, and a special Christmas discount. The single- and double-brew coffee bottle is ideal for making hot chocolate, gingerbread latte, boozy orange punch, and cake. Delicious, delightful, and useful for any and all households

To order visit The Simple Brew's website thesimplebrew.com

Sober Rum: Your perfect companion this Christmas!

Capturing the taste, aroma, and sensation of a traditional rum, Sober Rum is made with natural herbs and beneficial botanicals like nutmeg, gandhraj lemon peel, cardamom, green tea extracts and angelica root, that uplift the mood, boost immunity, and relieve stress and anxiety, making the drink an impeccable alternative. Dedicated as a homage to all the sugarcane farmers of our country, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle will be contributed towards sustainable farming practices.

Priced at Rs. 1,499 Available for purchase at drinksober.co

Chandon Brut

A bottle of Sparkling Wine is a classic gift for any occasion, but it is particularly nice to share and unwind with your family with a beautifully fruity and refreshing Brut from Chandon. Chandon Brut is an elegant expression of the style with a fresh bouquet of citrus blossom, green apple, and hints of tropical fruit and vanilla.

Priced at Rs. 2,500/- Available across Pan-India

Glenfiddich's Gran Reserva

The remarkable liquid is matured in a combination of American and European oak casks for 21 years and finished for four months in bourbon barrels seasoned with Glenfiddich's own Caribbean rum, imbuing the whisky with extra exotic notes. The Glenfiddich 21-Year-Old liquid is presented in a classic glass bottle, with a paired-back logo, embossed in gold to allow the warmth of the liquid to shine through. The elegant bottle is then topped with a rum cask band, showcasing Gran Reserva's rum cask finish to this classically Scottish liquid. The rum is blended with the Speyside distiller's secret recipe from several tropical Caribbean islands to awaken distinctive notes of ginger, lime, and banana within the rich smoothness of the patiently mellowed 21-Year-Old.

Available at all leading liquor stores in the country:

Delhi - Rs. 29,755/-

Gurgaon - Rs. 27,000/-

Karnataka - Rs. 21,000/-

Mumbai - Rs. 31,500/-

Broken Bat Gin by Greater Than

A limited edition gin by Greater Than, The Broken Bat is an ode to India's love for cricket in a bottle. Greater Than distillers shaved and cleaned cricket bats made with Kashmir Willow and soaked them in a vat of high-proof Greater Than Gin for six weeks resulting in a classic gin that tastes almost like whisky. The tasting notes of the gin resemble aged leather and freshly toasted wood followed by almost-ripe mangoes and sweet juniper spice, all of which leaves you reminiscing over your favourite Christmas cake. Broken Bat is best enjoyed all by itself on ice or topped up with Soda or Cola. Rather than use tonic, the distillers recommend drinking this in the way you would drink your favourite Whisky.

A first of its kind, the Broken Bat officially launched in India and Australia in November 2022. The limited edition will shortly be available in 5 more states in India including Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana & West Bengal.

Availability and Price: Australia- AUD78 (Online); Goa- Rs. 1450/- (In-store)

Wild Drum

Wild Drum Hard Seltzer introduces India's first homegrown canned hard seltzer. The official trendy drink of 2022, a carbonated alcoholic beverage with fruit flavourings that comes in two strengths to allow you to vibe to your own frequency. Available in two different alcohol strengths: 4.75 per cent & 8 per cent ABV, and four different fruity flavours: Mango, Peach, Lemon-Mint, and Pure. A perfect start to wild times!

Price Range: 150 onwards Available across all living liquids stores, Liquor stores, and clubs

Scotland's No.1 Whisky - The Famous Grouse

Step into the festive spirit as Winter, Christmas, and New Year is around the corner. Raise a toast to the year gone by over a dram of Scotland's No.1 whisky,'The Famous Grouse'. The Famous Grouse serves as a perfect addition to your home bar for Christmas or Year-End parties and get-togethers with friends and family. Indulge your senses with the signature and impeccable blend from The Famous Grouse this season!

Price Range: Mumbai: Rs. 2,100/- New Delhi: Rs. 1,400/- Gurgaon: Rs. 1,100/- (SJ/IANS)