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Washington: “On Golden Years” by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tirlok Malik, portraying the complex emotions which come at the time of retirement for immigrants from India, has premiered in the American capital.

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Through various characters, who are residents of an Indian retirement community, the film deals with conflicts such as India versus America, contentedness versus regrets and places to retire.

The story about the retirement of the American Dream, as Malik puts it, was shot at the only Indian retirement community in the US, Shantiniketan in Tavares, Florida.

A romantic emotional comedy, “On Golden Years” in English language, is made for NRIs and an international audience. It runs for 85 minutes.

The Washington premiere of the film last week was attended by many cast and crew members, including Noor Naghmi, a Pakistani American actor, along with 300 invited guests.

The film stars Ranjit Chowdhry, who was also the lead of “Lonely In America”, Jyoti Singh, Reeves Lehmann, Shetal Shah, Tirlok Malik, Shruti Tewari, Farokh Daruwala, Indu Gajwani, and Indrajit S. Saluja.

There are some new talents making their debut in the film.

Tirlok Malik has also launched, which is the first ever streaming of Indian American movies. The purpose of the website is also promoting new talents.

“On Golden Years” is written and directed by Tirlok Malik. The idea of the story is inspired from the book “Seeking Roots” by Iggy Ignatius, who is the producer and co-director of the film.




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