Free Speech: an app that empowers children with language disabilities is now live

Ajit Narayanan. Photo: Twitter

Chennai: A new app that would empower kids with language disabilities to communicate effectively was released on Feb 9.

The app, named ‘Free Speech’, is based on the principle that language, which is made up of words and sentences, is a medium to communicate an idea. Thus, these words and sentences, which represent an idea, can also be represented pictorially and an algorithm of these pictures can be constructed. Using this principle, Free Speech, first represents a language pictorially and then converts these pictures into grammatically perfect English language.

The app has been developed by Ajit Narayanan, founder and CEO of Invention Labs based in Chennai, while he was working with kids with language disabilities. While taking part in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, Ajit gave indications that the app may eventually develop into a full-fledged language learning tool.

He wrote: “I certainly hope it will be useful for more than just kids. We all learn language in much the same way – by listening to tons and tons of ‘errorless models’ of it. I have some projects cooking, in which we will try to apply these techniques to language-learning. The major two things the app would need before it becomes a full-fledged language learning app are a curriculum and gamification.”

Ajit had previously developed an app called ‘Awaz’ that acted as an ‘artificial voice’ for children suffering from autism and cerebral palsy.

Here is a video of Ajit speaking about Free Speech during TED talk:

NewsGram view: NewsGram congratulates Ajit Narayanan for his fantastic invention that would go a long way in empowering people, especially kids with learning disabilities. NewsGram extends support to all such entrepreneurs who are working for the betterment of the society.