World Science Day for Peace and Development celebrated in Kolkata

World Science Day for Peace and Development celebrated in Kolkata

Kolkata: The World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated worldwide every year on this day. The Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology (GNIPST) celebrated the day by organizing a one-day national seminar.

The day is marked for improving the future of science and its power. The initiative is taken to educate people about the importance of science in social issues.

The power of science can provide solutions for better water management, preservation and ecological use of the deep-sea. It can also protect the environment and biodiversity and help people tackle climate change and environmental calamities by substitute innovation.

The Indian government, as well as the education centers in the country, are gradually trying to shift their focus from theoretical teaching to focus on experimental education. Working in the same direction, GNIPST celebrated the World Science Day for Peace and Development by conducting a seminar.

The seminar named 'Science for Nation Building, Current Innovation in Biotechnology for Human Welfare' focused on bringing out the principles of science and technology, especially Biotechnology and Microbiology outside the boundaries of classrooms.

Dr. Swati Chakraborty, who organized the event, said the seminar was conducted to help students bridge the gap between theories and reality. Science has more social applicability than what is currently used and that is the point that the conference tried to explain to the students and society.

"The main agenda for this year's meet was to bring out the usage of Biotechnology and Microbiology in reality to carry out human welfare and development in rural areas by studying and researching about it outside laboratories," she said.

Scientists and researchers from renowned institutes like Indian Statistical Institute, Bose Institute, Cancer Research Institute and students from various colleges were invited.

The conference gave opportunities to the students to connect with the scientists to showcase their interest in various research projects. It also clarified any doubts that the students had and gave them an opportunity to collaborate with these scientists.

With large scale worldwide celebrations of the World Science Day for Peace and Development every year, global solutions to various issues can be achieved. Therefore, such days should be brought to notice in India and across the globe, and with better awareness among the masses, we can hope to move towards a safer environment.

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