Derailing of Rajdhani Express averted by 3 brothers

Derailing of Rajdhani Express averted by 3 brothers

New Delhi: A major train tragedy of 12423 Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Express was averted near Patna on Sunday night due to the alertness of three brothers present at the station.

The incident took place 100 kilometres east of Patna near Mokama railway station, through which the Rajdhani Express was scheduled to pass on Sunday night. Rajdhani does not have a stoppage at Mokama station, due to which it was arranged to pass through platform No 4.

The incident took place minutes before the train was slated to pass that junction. 3 brothers — Chotan Das, Manish Das and Sabir Das — were waiting at Mokama station for a local train to go to Athmalgola, when they saw 1 metre of railway track was missing from the route through which the train was to pass. Rajdhani had been given green signal to cross via that route.

Chotan was the first to see the missing track, he then shouted out to his brothers for help to save the train from derailing. As they hurried to the spot, Chotan removed a torch and Manish tossed his gamcha (mini-towel) to show a red flag to the speeding train. Signalling the Rajdhani driver regarding the danger ahead as the driver realised the danger of the situation guessing from the signals given by the brother, used emergency brakes to stop.

The train stopped barely seven feet ahead of the damaged path.

The presence of mind of 3 brothers saved lives of over 1,000 passengers. Several travellers even got off the train to thank the brothers.

An investigation has been initiated to detect the reasons of the track being out of place.

"The real reason will be known only after a proper investigation is conducted," said senior section engineer A K Mandal in an interview with a newspaper.