List of 50 People who have affected Hinduism in a Negative Manner

List of 50 People who have affected Hinduism in a Negative Manner

In a recently posted article on the official blog of François Gautier, he mentions the names of 50 people who according to him can be explained as enemies of Hindus or in some way have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. He compiled this lists by considering the points one needs to brood over. Gautier says that he created this list without any hatred or malice and the list is yet to complete.

Here is the list of "50 Biggest Enemies of Hindus" according to Gautier:

  • Indian National Congress – There was a time when few people were of the opinion that Indian National Congress is a Hindu Organisation but soon they changed their opinion when they realised that it actually did not serve Hindu interests to the exclusion of the other communities.The Indian National Congress was founded on 28 December 1885 by a Britisher, A.O.Hume.

Gautier says, "Till the end of the 19th century, the Congress, who regarded British rule in India as a "divine dispensation", was happy with criticising moderately the Government, while reaffirming its loyalty to the Crown and its faith in "liberalism" and the British innate sense of justice"!!! Real nationalist leaders like Sri Aurobindo or Tilak, were side-lined by the 'Moderate' Congress'."

  • Rahul Gandhi –Probability of Rahul Gandhi knowing anything about Hinduism is next to nil. Bearing in mind the case of Wikileaks cables, where Rahul Gandhi, the 'Prince' of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, tells the US ambassador to India Timothy Roemer that Hindutva is more dangerous than Islamic terrorism: "Gandhi, however, warned, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community," it said. Whether it was his anti-Hindu stance or an endeavor to appease the Muslims but it landed him in trouble.

Gautier writes, "It seems also that Rahul and his mother wanted to make an example of Colonel Purohit&SadhviPragya to please their Muslim electorate and that direct orders were issued from 10 Janpath to get a confession out of him and SadhviPragya at any cost, even torture."

  • Jawaharlal Nehru – "..To talk of Hindu culture would injure India's interests. By education, I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim, and I am a Hindu only by accident of birth…" – Nehru (Ref: Violation of Hindu HR – Need for a Hindu nation – III, by V Sundaram (Retd. IAS Officer)). The reference to that quote now leads to a 404 error.

A French historian Alain Danielou writes, "Nehru was the perfect replica of a certain type of Englishman."

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Gautier says, "Several times he used the expression 'continental people', with an amused and sarcastic manner, to designate French or Italians. He reviled non-anglicised Indians and had a very shallow and partial knowledge of India. His ideal, the romantic socialism of 19th century Britain, was totally unfit to India, as the conditions of India were totally different from 19th century Europe." Nehru had been critical of the Hindi journalism and literature of his time. Gautier further added, "Nehru had done tremendous harm to India by initiating movements and patterns, which not only did vast damage in their times but continue to survive and weigh down the Indian nation, long after their uselessness has been realized."

  • Sonia Gandhi –Most of the people must have heard that in 2011, Subramanian Swamy filed a FIR against the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi and members of the National Advisory Council (NAC), for "committing offenses of propagating hate" against the Hindu community of India, by drafting the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill 2011.

No doubt that Sonia brought discipline, order, and cohesion into the Congress party. Though, since she is at the top, Christian conversions in India seem to have gone into overdrive. Some even say that Sonia succeeded in convincing her Husband to adopt Christianity himself and he would have converted if he was not put in a sudden situation of getting into politics. Gautier says, "The amount of power, that she, a non-Indian, a simple elected MP, like hundreds of others, possessed when the Congress was in power for ten years– witness how P. Chidambaram would have allowed NarendraModi to be killed by IsratJahan, a known terrorist. The CBI blatantly quashed all injunctions against Quattrochi and even allowed him to get away with billions of rupees which he had stolen from India. Yet, without batting an eyelid, and with the Indian Media turning a blind eye, it went ruthlessly after NarendraModi, the then Chief Minister of the most efficiently run state, the most corruption free."

However, many Human Rights activists argued that IshratJahan was innocent. P Chidamabarmwas accused of "changing" an affidavit filed in connection with the encounter killing of IshratJahan alleging the former Home Minister had brushed aside the intelligence inputs that suggested that the girl had terrorist links.

Gautier further added that "Sonia Gandhi continues to be a danger to Hindus, because if by some freak chance Modi loses in 2019, as Vajpayee did before him, Sonia will again become the empress of India."

  • Priyanka Gandhi– Congress has ruled India for most of the period since its independence from Britain in 1947 and at present Sonia Gandhi is the president of Party. Rahul entered politics in 2004 and her younger sister Priyanka Gandhi is not much engaged in political issues. If one has to ask a question whether Priyanka Gandhi can bring a change in the policies and viewpoints that Congress inherit, then the possibilities are almost nil. Gautier opines, "Unlikely. She will think like a Christian and a westerner, not like an Indian and adopt Nehru's misplaced socialist and popular ideas, which have bogged down India in corruption and red tape." Also, her husband Robert Vadra, whose reputation hangs like a dead weight around Priyanka's neck and he is always in the news for all the wrong reasons.
  • Thomas Babington, 1st Baron Macaulay – He played a significant role in introducing English and western concepts to education in India. When Governor-General Lord William Bentinck was reviewing the style of education in India and was deciding whether to adopt a new style of education in English or to stay with the more conservative, existing policy of providing (higher) education in Sanskrit, Persian, and other oriental languages, Macaulay agued to advocate English inclusion. This was worthy as no one can deny that English gives India an advantage in dealing with other countries to propagate into the era of globalization.

According to Gautier, "Macaulay had very little regard for Hindu culture and education including all the books written in Sanskrit which actually contains all the historical information. Rather, the worthless abridgement used at preparatory schools in England is considered more valuable than books written in the Sanskrit language. Today, much of India's intellectuals and Media stand as a proof of the success of Macaulay as they look down on their own culture and analyse India through the western prism."

  • The Pope –It is confounding that more than 4,000 foreign Christian missionaries are involved in conversion activities across different states. Also, In Tripura, there were no Christians at independence and now there are 120,000, a 90% increase since 1991. Many missionaries are found not only criticising Hinduism but also persuading Hindus to convert themselves into Christians. According to Gautier, "The missionaries are using unethical means to convert the poorest of the poor Hindus in India: offering free medical treatment, free schooling, interest-free loans, even going as far as organizing "fake miracles" prayer meetings, as it is regularly done by American Preacher Benny Hinn. They do it in India, but they dare not do it in China, where freedom of religion is curtailed and any missionary caught proselytising is kicked out."

Gautier also opined that there is not a single Hindu temple in France, as their construction has not been allowed and there is even a minister in charge of hunting down "sects" (meaning what is not Christian-oriented).

  • The Communist Party of India– Tracing the history of Communist Party of India, it was blamed for supporting the Muslim League during the partition and also for advocating the multiple partitions of India. For Marx, "religion does not reflect the productive process, and it diverts people's attention from their miseries, which are consequences of exploitation. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless condition. It is the opium of the people." Gautier writes, "Most Marxists in India are anti-Hindu as a principle (Marx was against religion) and their intellectuals are adept at Hindu bashing." The attitude of Marxist was much clear when the Marxist government in Kerala introduced Hindu Devasom Law to take over Hindu temples despite knowing the fact that Hindutva survives through temples. Commenting on India's approach to deal with communism, Gautier says, "Ata time when Marxism is dead all over the world, including in Cuba and China, India is the last refuge of communism. Though communists have certain sincerity (they generally are not corrupt and live a simple life, contrary to many Indian politicians), it is not a gift to India, as they contribute very little to India's growth, with their constant strikes and demands. Naxalism which is a great danger for this country is also an offshoot of communism."

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  • KanchaIlaiah– Known for his immensely controversial book, `Why I am not a Hindu', KanchaIlaiah, is often criticised for making anti-Hindu remarks. A case was even filed against him for asking, 'Is God a democrat?'Gautier writes, "KanchaIlaiah, is a converted Christian, who hates Hindus, particularly Brahmins, whom he accuses of all the possible evils. This hatred makes him irrational." On 125th birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar, he said, ""For me, my nation starts with eating beef. Unfortunately, we gave up eating beef and our brains are not growing now. There is no enough protein." Considering this incident, Gautier asks. "How stupid can you be, when many westerners are now turning to vegetarianism?"
  • Aamir Khan –Many raised questions on Aamir's loyalty to India after his remarks on intolerance. He told an audience at a journalism awards ceremony. "For the first time, she (his wife KiranRao) said: 'Should we move out of India?'," he said. "She fears for her child, she fears what the atmosphere around us will be, she feels scared to open the newspapers every day." His comments provoked a furious backlash and Hindus even urged him to move to neighbouring Pakistan. A sedition case was filed against him for "anti-national statements" and the ruling BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) accused him of ruining India's image. Gautier wrote, "Once upon a time, Aamir Khan, benefited from the goodwill of all, Muslims as well as Hindus. His TV program on social issues, SatyamevJayata, even raised his status to a crusader for human rights. Then slowly the mask dropped, and one could see that he was no different from the average Muslim when it came to Hindus, the BJP, and NarendraModi." Aamir's film PK also received a lot of criticism from Hindus.
  • Shah Rukh Khan –Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most valued actors of India. His popularity is way beyond his reel life. But this loved actor was once asked to leave for Pakistan in Feb 2010 when he openly supported the inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in IPL. The way he was treated at USA's airport offended many Indians while some perceived it as a suspicion. Gautier says, "As Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh is also married to a Hindu, but raises his kids as Muslims, and whenever it suits him, plays the minority card (Pakistan invited him many times to settle there). What one should understand is that it is like elections in India: Aamir's and Shah Rukh's Muslim fan base in India is so huge, that they don't really care about Hindus."
  • AmartyaSen– AmartyaSen won the Nobel Prize in Economics (1998). In 2005 he produced a book 'The Argumentative Indian' which was a lot controversial. No doubt that AmartyaSen is brilliant but one would love to read about his intelligence and not his perception of Hinduism and the Hindus because it hurts the religious sentiments of Hindus when someone questions on the theories of one of the most sacred Hindu book, Ramayana. Gautier believes, "AmartyaSen is a true Marxist and he rode his fame on the back of his false theories about poverty in India and in the West. It is a pity that the Congress Govt gave him the Nalanda University project for which he did nothing. He should become persona non grata in India."
  • RajdeepSardesai– On 8 Feb 2014, Rajdeep tweeted, "While Namo travels the country, myNemo needs to be taken for a walk in the park! Different folks, different priorities! Enjoy the weekend." He had to face a lot of criticism when he made this derogatory remark against Modi when he compared him to his dog out of nowhere. After getting the backlashes he tweeted, "My friend @RonnieScrewvala was right. Should never have Namo and Nemo in the same sentence. Apologies to those offended!" According to Rajdeep, he is not an anti-Modi but most of the people believe that he is inclined to Congress, AAP and Left so basically everything against PM Modi. Gautier wrote, "Rajdeep was also seen in his true light in New York, where he portrayed himself as a victim of a hard-line Hindu, whereas the video replays showed that in fact, he was the aggressor. No doubt, Rajdeep is a personal enemy of NarendraModi and has never hidden his dislike of the BJP. There have been many rumours that his father, converted to Christianity late in life and that may have influenced Rajdeep, for he has definitely a Christian-Marxist view of India and Hindus."
  • Barkha Dutt – BarkhaDutt is often criticised for her anti-Hindu comments. Recently she tweeted, "#RamzanMubarak to all tweeple. Here's to fasting and feasting." Well, it wasn't much of a problem but then remembering her old tweet, "I know it's all about choice but no power has yet been able to convince me that #karvachauth is not inherently regressive and patriarchal!" Most of the people are of the opinion that she is inclined to congress. Gautier says," Most probably Barkha started like a young and idealistic journalist. But the fact that she was married twice to a Kashmiri Muslim, must have influenced her mind."
  • Angana Chatterjee– AnganaChatterji was working as a Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). CIIS was established to bring the integral teachings of Hindu spiritual giant Sri Aurobindo in the US but according to Gautier, the Anthropology project at CIIS is an anti-Hindu body. Gautier opines, "AnganaChatterjee, is one of the most venomous anti-Hindu in the USA. The irony is that she is a Hindu herself. You need to know that she is married to Richard Shapiro who is Director and Associate Professor of the Grad. Anthropology Program at CIIS, also a very anti-Hindu body. In fact, Shapiro was barred from entering India in 2010. Angana and Richard are of course great defenders of the Kashmiri Muslims and attend every International Kashmir Freedom Conference (IKFC), which only gives the Muslim point of view and ignores the 450.000 Kashmiri Hindus who have become refugees in their own country."
  • Aurangzeb – Aurangzeb was the Emperor of Mughal Dynasty. A firm Muslim at heart, he had the zeal to spread Islam to a great extent and so he not only killed Hindus but also ripped them off from their wealth and position. Aurangzeb also has his name involved in destroying large Hindu temples in the north. However, his certain affirmative policies were remarkable. No one remembers the fact that Aurangzeb in 1666 issued an order to outlaw Sati. Gautier says, "Aurangzeb (1658-1707) did not just build an isolated mosque on a destroyed temple, he ordered ALL temples destroyed, among them the KashiVishvanath, Krishna's birth temple in Mathura, the rebuilt Somnath temple on the coast of Gujarat, the Vishnu temple replaced with the Alamgir mosque now overlooking Benares and the Treta-ka-Thakur temple in Ayodhya. … Thank God ShivajiMaharaj, a true Hindu hero brought him to his knees. Yet Shivaji is treated as a nobody in Indian History books and Aurangzeb like a stern but the just emperor."
  • Babur – Babur laid the base for Mughal Dynasty in India. The Mughal Dynasty – from Babur to Aurangzeb- not only led to killings of thousands of Hindus and demolition of temples but it also influenced the practice of Hinduism in India. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about Babur mentioning him as the destroyer of the Ram mosque in Ayodhya. Gautier opined, "The truth is that Babur indulged in unnecessary massacres and demolished thousands of temples showcasing himself as a ferocious Mughal emperor. His ultimate goal was the destruction and the enslaving of the Hindus. It is sad to see that Indian History books have no comments on such incidents."
  • Irfan Habib– Habibtargeted RSS by saying, "…There is not much difference between Islamic State (IS) and the RSS as far as intellect goes." He went on to assert that RSS ideas are influenced by Adolf Hitler. "Bharat Mata has nothing to do with India's ancient or medieval past. It is a European import. Notions of motherland and fatherland were talked about in Europe," Prof. Habib said, delivering a lecture in the memory of late historian Bipan Chandra at Jawaharlal Nehru University. His endless attacks on RSS, PM Modi and the idea of Bharat Mata alienated many Hindus. According to Gautier, "Habib father and son's books are based on four theories: 1) that the records (written by the Muslims themselves) of slaughters of Hindus, the enslaving of their women and children and razing of temples were "mere exaggerations by court poets and zealous chroniclers to please their rulers". 2) That they were indeed atrocities, but mainly committed by Turks, the savage riders from the Steppe. 3) That the destruction of the temples took place because Hindus stored their gold and jewels inside them and therefore Muslim armies plundered these. 4) That the conversion of millions of Hindus to Islam was not forced, "but what happened was there was a shift of opinion in the population, who on its own free will chose the Shariat against the Hindu law (Smriti), as they were all oppressed by the bad Brahmins"…!!!"
  • Ramachandra Guha– Outlook magazine's favourite columnist, RamachandraGuha(RCG), secured him many more enemies after he wrote an article titled, ""Who Milks This Cow". The sarcasm he used to label Hindus get him a lot of criticism. And this was not the first time he made these derogatory remarks. He hardly missed a chance to criticise RSS. While speaking at the opening session of Spring Fever 2016, a literary festival organized by Penguin Random House at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, he said, "Hindu fundamentalism is much more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalism". Gautier said, "He has written a number of books targeting Hindus and their spiritual leaders. Unfortunately, as many of these leftist intellectuals, he is fairly popular in the West and often quoted by western correspondents based in India."
  • Romila Thapar– RomilaThapar has taught Ancient History at London University, Delhi University, and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Prominent Historian RomilaThapar has been targeted several times for her attack for her 'anti-India' views. Many of her books were accused of being anti-Hindu and anti-Indian. Gautier opined, "As Rajiv Malhotra writes:"Hindu spiritual experiences are devalued by RomilaThapar, as pathological. She resorts to a quasi-scholarly speculation of racial hatred as existing in entire Indian traditions, demonizing the 'other', a technique to justify holding such people in contempt and even attacking them'. This is exactly the same thesis that is being spread today by Maoist insurgents working among remote tribes in central India, namely, that demons mentioned in Hinduism are actually references to tribal people."
  • John Dayal – John Dayal, General Secretary of All India Christian Council(AICC), has been blamed several times for misrepresenting India and especially Hindus and Hindu organisations on foreign soil. Francois Gautier wrote an open letter to John Dayal in which he said, "you have targeted Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, respected not only by millions of Hindus but also by many Christians in western countries and even by Muslims (he was received warmly last month in Pakistan). By doing this, you are showing that you are practicing a Christianity that is obsolete, aggressive and maybe even dangerous. It is time Christianity in India becomes a little more humble and quieter. Nobody is contesting your faith, but please leave alone ancient places of worship like Tirupathi and great sages such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And remember: Sonia Gandhi may not be here forever…" While speaking at 5th Foundation Day of Welfare Party of India in New Delhi, Dayal said, ""Right wing talks about Islamophobia, is to just radicalize Hindu youths". According to Gautier, "John Dayal is all the time lobbying in the West, particularly with the US Congress, testifying that 'Christians are persecuted in India', whereas actually Christians have been the worst persecutors in the world, wiping out ruthlessly entire cultures, like those of the Aztecs in South America."
  • N Ram & the Hindu newspaper –N.Ram, Chairman of Kasturi and Sons Limited (KSL), the founding family of the newspaper was, as a student, an active member, in fact, Vice-President of SFI (Student Federation of India), the student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) – the CPI(M).The Hindu newspaper is blamed for being extremely biased against BJP and Mr.Modi sometimes seemingly unethical in their political reporting. Many also get offended by the term "Idol Worship" which is often used by the newspaper as this is actually an Abrahamic term and most of the Hindus don't want to use the word "Idol Worship" for the practice of giving reverence to the Hindu deities. Gautier says, "Long time editor of the newspaper the Hindu, who should be renamed the "Anti-Hindu". N. Ram is a fervent disciple of Marxism and communist China. The magazine of the Hindu, Frontline, although well written, as the Hindu, perpetuates a dead ideology. Unfortunately, the Hindu is still read by many in India, including westerners in the South of India."
  • Sagarika Ghose & CNN-IBN– SagarikaGhose tweeted, "In the constant noise of 24*7 media silence is not an option.If one side speaks,other doesn't,silence becomes a weakness. Speak more, Blue Turban!," addressing ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as Blue Turban (NeeliPagdi). Let us have a glance over her one more tweet targeting PM Modi : "Internet Hindus are like swarms of bees. They come swarming after you at any mention of Modi Muslims or Pakistan!" Gautier wrote, "RajdeepSardesai's wife shares his beliefs and hatred for the Hindus. It's a tragedy that CNN-IBN is so partial towards Hindus and sympathetic to anybody who is anti-Hindu. Why did CNN, a renowned western television, choose to partner someone who is against the majority community of their country'?"
  • Mamata Banerjee –Over the last couple of years, government records reveal that West Bengal is one of the top ten communally sensitive states in terms of incidents of communal clashes. Since the Mamata government came to power, there has been a mushrooming of Muslim organisations, much of them in the form of NGOs. According to a senior official of the state minority affairs department, there are over 400 all-Muslim NGOs working in the state, while there are 597 madrasas recognised by the government. (Ref: Gautier says, "Unfortunately Mamta has realized that she can get elected as West Bengal Chief Minister on the sole strength of the Muslim vote. She thus panders to them, turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed on the Hindus by the Bangladeshis refugees, who are given ration cards so that they can vote for Mamta. Sad also that she chose to say 'Allah O Akbar' when she just got re-elected. To what depths will Indian politicians sink to get votes? Hindus are becoming minorities in certain districts of WB, Assam or UP. That is a tragedy and something should be done."
  • Akbaruddin Owaisi- I won't utter that (Bharat Mata ki Jai slogan) even if you put a knife to my throat," said AsaduddinOwaisi while addressing a public rally. All India Majlis-e-IttehadulMuslimeen (AIMIM) leaderAsaduddinOwaisi gave yet another controversial statement. Akbaruddin and his brother are known for giving controversial statements against Bhagyalakshmi temple, Hindu festivals and obviously Hindus. Gautier says, "Proof that India is a democracy lies in the fact that people like Owais and his brother can not only rant against the Hindus and preach near secession, but also get elected. There have to be some limits to preaching hatred and separatism."
  • Geelani and other Kashmiri separatists– Geelani has been blamed several times for performing anti-Hindu activities. Kashmir is not just an issue of India and Pakistan borders. There are several things going on there which put the lives of Kashmiris in danger. Jammu and Kashmir is an area where AFSPA is imposed because of the insurgency. Gautier asks, "How can the Indian Government allow these separatists to openly visit the Pakistani embassy in Delhi or travel to Pakistan to take instructions from their masters?" He further added, "No country tolerates that kind of open separatism, be it France with Corsica, or even England with the faraway Falkland Islands, which geographically belong to Argentina. How to forget too that the Muslims chased out of the Valley of Kashmir 500.000 Hindus who had lived there for generations and had not done any harm?"
  • Zakir Naik– ZakirNaik, President of Islamic Research Foundation of Mumbai (India) hurt the religious sentiments of thousands of Hindus by challenging Hindus, through the medium of 'Facebook' and 'You-tube', to prove that ShriGanapati is a Deity. He also made an anti-Hindu statement that 'If your God is unable to recognise his own son, how will he know that I am in danger'. And surprisingly, he made such comments during Ganesh Festival. He was also accused of false teachings of Gita. Gautier says, "By making such comments that too during Ganesh Festival, Dr.Naik has hurt religious sentiments of billions of Hindus. It has also created a rage among members of Shiv Sena, BJP and various pro-Hindu organisations, GaneshotsavaMandals, and devout Hindus."
  • Christophe Jaffrelot– Christophe Jaffrelot, who is a Senior Research Fellow with the Centre d'Etudeset de RecherchesInternationales (Centre for International Studies and Research) in Paris, has had a 25-year-long association with India.He has written several books on Hindu Nationalism and BJP which, according to Gautier, are most responsible for the bad image of the BJP in France. Gautier says, "So much for secularism in India_ Jaffrelot, Sanjay Subramanyam (who teaches in the prestigious College de France), and others in France – keep harping on India's problems – castes, poverty, so called-Hindu fundamentalism, etc. I know for a fact that in France, it has an influence on the top bureaucrats and the politicians, as every time something important happens in India – elections, catastrophes, riots, etc, their slanted opinions are sought by newspapers radios and televisions."
  • NGOs – According to Gautier, "NGO's in India are most of the time anti-Hindus. 70% of them work on "woman empowerment", or "uplifting" the villagers in tribal areas, which is good, but should be done in a neutral manner with friendliness to the Indian Government. It is nowadays fashionable in India to always highlight the downtrodden condition of Indian women and their underprivileged place in Indian society. But no country in the world has granted such an important place to women in its spirituality and social ethos. And even today, behind all appearances – arranged marriages, submission to men, preference of male children in some rural areas (but girls are loved in India like nowhere in the world) – it can be safely said that very often, from the poorest to the richest classes, women control –even if behind the scenes – a lot of the family affairs: the education of their children (men in India are often "mama's boys"), monetary concerns, and husbands often refer to them for important decisions. Countries such as France or the United States, who are often preaching India on "women's rights" never had a woman as their top leader, whereas India had Indira Gandhi ruling with an iron hand for nearly twenty years; and proportionately they have less MP's than India, which is considering earmarking 33% of seats in Parliament for women, a revolution in human history! But this obsession of NGO's with women and village empowerment (usually they take one village and make it like a showcase, for the benefit of visiting donors from abroad) has completely eclipsed the burning issue that would require NGO's attention with the tremendous amount of funds they attract from abroad: afforestation, as there are hardly any forest worth the name left today in India."
  • Wendy Doniger– Wendy Doniger's controversial book 'The Hindus: An Alternative History' (Penguin, 2009) has outraged Hindus around the world like never before for allegedly insulting and offending Hindus and Indians. Her book was full of an outrageous and factually wrong perspective of Hindu Vedas and Hinduism. According to her book, when Ramrajya [an idyllic vision of state propounded by Mahatma Gandhi] comes to India, then Christians and Muslims will be driven out of India. Gautier wrote, "This American Hindu hater, supposedly, a historian, says that "Rama thinks that sex is putting him in political danger (keeping his allegedly unchaste wife will make the people revolt), but in fact he has it backward: Politics is driving Rama to make a sexual and religious mistake; public concerns make him banish the wife he loves. Rama banishes Sita as Dasharatha has banished Rama. Significantly, the moment when Rama kicks Sita out for the second time comes directly after a long passage in which Rama makes love to Sita passionately, drinking wine with her, for many days on end; the banishment comes as a direct reaction against the sensual indulgence."
  • Akbar –No doubt that Akbar was one of the greatest Mughal Emperors in India. But according to Prof. K.S Lal, the author of the growth of Muslim population in India, the Hindu population decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD, the year Ghazni invaded India, and 1525 AD, a year before the battle of Panipat. Few people know that Akbar ordered a general massacre killing 30000 Rajputs after he captured Chithor in 1568. Gautier writes, "Destruction of temples also took place on a mass scale in Akbar's reign and it is even said that he ordered that a mountain is made of the tufts of the Brahmins' hairs."
  • Mother Teresa – Yogi Adityanath, an outspoken MP and Hindu priest, told a religious meeting in Uttar Pradesh state on Saturday that Mother Teresa had been "part of a conspiracy for Christianisation of India". Mother Teresa, who was born in Macedonia, got the noble price for the piece but BJP leaders claimed that she conspired to "brainwash" Hindus into Christianity and helped fuel a violent military insurgency in India's northeast. Gautier believes, "Mother Teresa is still the worst publicity for India. No doubt, she did saintly work. This said, one may wonder: What did Mother Teresa really stand for? Was caring for the dying and orphaned children her only goal? Mother Teresa never attempted to counterbalance this negative image of India, of whom she was the vector, by a more positive one. The truth is that she stood for the most orthodox Christian conservatism. There is no doubt that ultimately Mother Teresa's goal was utterly simple: to convert Hindus to Christianity, the only true religion in her eyes."
  • Michael Witzel – Witzel's dislike towards Hindu cultural heritage and religious tradition is evident from his various statements and his profound insight that the sacred Mantra "Om" is used to call one's 'wife' and 'goat'.He even said, ""Hindus in the US are lost or abandoned people." These are the words of Witzel against Hindus in the USA: 1) Hindus in the USA are lost or abandoned people! 2)NRI stands for Non-Returning Indians!3)Indians in the USA do not invest in the higher education of their children!4)Second generation [Hindu] people just understand [Hinduism] as "boring rituals" (puja, etc.), temple visits and Indian (mythological) comic books … All such items add to the heady brew that we have seen emerging here (Ref: Gautier says, "Witzel must be one of the worst enemies of Hindus in the USA, as shown recently when he tried to prevent the removal of references to India, Hinduism in the curriculum followed by schools in California which parents of Indian origin found to be inadequate, inaccurate or just outright insensitive. Known for aggressively pushing theories forged by Left historians of the RomilaThapar genre that have been long discredited through scientific means, including DNA studies, this 'linguist' is known for promoting himself as a 'historian' in academic circles. His proximity to Left historians in India is no secret."
  • Amnesty International – According to RSS,"The Amnesty International report is Kashmir Valley-centric and does not even consider discrimination and violence incurred on Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists of Jammu and Ladakh regions." Amnesty International, which was founded in London in 1961, is a non-government organisation. Gautier opined, "Amnesty International, which has a large number of Pakistanis on its staff, has always been hostile to Hindus. I remember showing an exhibition on Kashmir in London at the prestigious Commonwealth Club. The south Asia Amnesty in charge, refused to come and see it – although the Club was just a stone throw away from Amnesty's London office. What did the Kashmiri Hindus do that Amnesty considers them untouchable? And how come that the Muslims of the Valley who chased them by terror and made them flee their ancestral lands and homes are not condemned by Amnesty? It triggers a lot of questions about Amnesty's impartiality…"
  • Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV) – Media is considered as the fourth estate of democracy but when news channels instead of being unbiased incline towards a group then it would ultimately affect the democracy. Gautier opined that Prannoy is married to Radhika Roy, who is the sister of Brinda Karat, one of the leading lights of the communist party of India (CPI(M)). He further added, "The sad thing is that many BJP leaders always run to NDTV, to be crucified by BarkhaDutt, Pranno's second in command today."
  • Chidambaram – P Chidambaram, the former Union Finance minister and Home minister, was recently accused of changing the affidavit in IshrstJahan encounter killing the case. He was recently targeted for his opinion that Afzal Guru Case was perhaps not correctly decided. P Chidambaram was the Union Home Minister when Afzal Guru's mercy plea was rejected by UPA government. Gautier writes, "As Finance Minister, he went after Hindus by clamping down on Hindu institutions that had the 100% yoga tax rebate". Reacting to the case of IshratJahan, Gautier further added, "Did Chidambaram, with the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi close his eyes on an assassination plot on the person of Mr. NarendraModi? As the Home Minister of India, it would be a crime."
  • SitaramYechury– SitaramYechury is a leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). According to a recent PTI report, Yechury said: "All yoga exercises can be noticed in dog's body movement." His remarks regarding International Yoga Day were strongly criticised. According to an IANS report, "In a chilling similarity to Hitler's concept of 'purifying' the German nation, the RSS's ideology involves replacing nationalism of Indian inclusiveness to the exclusive concept of Hindu Rashtra, where Hindus and Hindus alone are the true inhabitants of the country," Yechury said. Gautier says, "Yechury is an intelligent man and a brilliant speaker – but he is an enemy of Hindus. He, for instance, went full steam against Mr. Modi's declaration of June 21 as International Yoga, which was supported by the UN General Assembly and which should not cause any problem, as yoga is a universal technique that is practiced all over the world, by millions of Christians. Oh, but the hitch is that Yoga is a Hindu invention – hence Mr Yechury's hostility, who famously said: "under this BJP government's aggressive global campaigns, India appears to be seeking a global positioning, not on the basis of its internal strength, economic or otherwise, but on the basis of such 'accomplishments' as having the UN General Assembly declare International Yoga Day on June 21."
  • Karan Thapar– Karan Thapar, titled as Modi baiter by many, wrote in an article, "Only the sudden removal of NarendraModi can stop this. For he is the agent forcing this change. And whilst he's with us, he will do just that. I have no doubt Indian politics after Sunday the 23rd is another country. We have to live with new challenges. Some of us have to accept new leaders." His hatred for BJP and RSS is evident from his several interviews with BJP/RSS members and his many articles. Gautier says, "Karan Thapar, who owns ITV, which unfortunately produces shows for BBC, is one of the most famous faces of journalism in India. Karan Thapar's father was General PranNathThapar COAS during 1962 war, and his aunt is RomilaThapar. Does that explain why Karan, though a decent man, is known for his anti-Hindu bias? Once he invited me on a program about the painter M.F. Husain, who as you know has depicted Hindus' most revered Gods fornicating or even sodomizing each other. I had brought on the show photocopies of these paintings, a solid evidence of Husain's hatred of Hinduism, but Karan refused that I showed them on camera. So much for ITV's journalistic impartiality."
  • Javed Akhtar– Javed Akhtar had once that he believed that Modi was a threat to democracy. "Besides, all talks of involvement in Gujarat riots of 2002 which are before the courts, this man (Modi) is not democratic," Akhtar told reporters on the sidelines of a school function in Patna. In 2013, he tweeted, "The kind of crude , indecent and Vulgar messages I get from Modi lovers establishes the low quality of his followers." Gautier writes, "Though JavedAkhtar came out recently against those who opposed saying 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai', he is also known as a Hindu baiter. I remember him going full steam against Sri Ravi Shankar and Hindu gurus in an Indian Today symposium a few years ago. Akhtar also repeatedly equated the Gujarat 2002 anti-Muslim riots to the Jewish holocaust. As one of his detractors said: "it is impossible to believe that Akhtar isn't aware of the horrors at Auschwitz or Sobibor to compare them with rioting in Gujarat"? Does Akhtar also ignore that 56 innocent Hindus, amongst them 32 women and children were burnt to death like animals in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra? And that this was the spark that ignited the riots? Again we see how anti-Hindus twist facts and truth…"
  • Teesta Setalvad – On 22 August 2014, Teesta posted on Twitter a collage of morphed images in which the faces and attributes of Hindu gods and goddesses were superimposed on chilling photographs of the ISIS terrorists mercilessly executing their victims, with the caption of "Chilling Reality". However, after being landed in trouble she said that the collage was not made by her and that she accidently in haste, posted it on her timeline with her actual status which was just "Chilling". She has travelled across the world, openly speaking against Hindus and denoting that Muslims are not safe in India.

According to Gautier, "First, it should be known that Teesta is a Hindu herself, who like BarkhaDutt, is married to a Muslim, JavedAnand. Javed, is General Secretary of Muslims for Secular Democracy, a virulent anti-Hindu organization. Unfortunately, Teesta has been repeatedly exposed for having indulged in unethical acts and has cases pending against her in courts for perjury. The truth is that TeestaSetalvad is a law unto herself& has total disregard for the rule of law or for victims. Her anti-Hindu agenda is her source of income from foreign agencies. She has taken the courts for a ride with her perjury and her acts of influencing witnesses. She has misused the lack of education and poverty of victims to file false affidavits to further her own agenda."

  • Shabana Azmi – Akhtar's second wife, ShabanaAzmi is a fine actress. Her comment that she couldn't get a flat in Mumbai because she is a Muslim faced a lot of criticism as most people find it as an insane comment and many believed that it was intending to add fuel to the fire. Well, even if it was true then as a leader she shouldn't have said that as people would only pick up the line "injustice to Muslims" and as we already know about the cases of religious intolerance, we can easily assume what this statement could have resulted in? Gautier wrote, "Nevertheless she is also a Hindu baiter. When she was invited to the international film festival of Deauville in France, I read the numerous interviews where she kept harping about "Hindu fundamentalists", and repeatedly lambasted the "Right Wing" BJP Government and accused them of turning a "blind eye" to the attacks towards India's minorities, while portraying herself as a courageous social activist fighting for freedom of expression. She also only spoke "en passant" about Muslim fundamentalism. Again the old trick to either equate Muslim and Hindu fundamentalism or even in the case of Azmi, Rahul Gandhi, and others, to say that Hindu fundamentalism is more dangerous than the Islamic one. What a joke…"
  • Arundhati Roy – Arundhati Roy is one of most known writers of India. She says that she is concerned for India and for the purpose she wrote an utterly bitter article titled "The End of Imagination" in the Guardian after the Pokhran tests in 1998. She returned the 1989 National Award she received for Best Screenplay. She portrayedAfzal Guru as "a victim of torture, blackmail, extortion." Gautier says, "Cousin of Pranoy Roy, she was married to Gerard Da Cunha first and then to film maker PradipKirishen. Arundhati is a pure product of Christianity hiding under an intellectual mask plus hard-core Marxism. Apart from her first book the 'God of Small things', Arundhati never wrote again anything of value. She is most happy in the company of Maoists, Naxalites Tamil Elam and Kashmiri separatists. Roy famously said: "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India and the Indian Govt is at war with Maoists to aid the MNCs". She also says Modi is promoting Brahmanism."
  • Father Cedric Prakash– "I count Father Cedric and PramodMuthalik as the same. People who use religion as a tool for electioneering are dangerous," said ManoharParrikar. Fr. Cedric Prakash is the director of Prashant, the Ahmedabad-based Jesuit Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace. Gautier says, "This Indian Christian priest has been most active in betraying his own country in the US, amongst Congress parliamentary committees. In June 2002, he testified before the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in Washington, so about the lack of religious freedom in India… .His is a clear case of an Indian citizen asking an alien nation intervened in India's domestic affairs.Fr. Prakash has been a vocal critic of NarendraModi, often in collaboration with John Dayal and nTeestaSetalvad."
  • Martha Nussbaum– Nussbaum, the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago and a leading figure in the humanities, is the author of the book-length study The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence, and India's Future. Martha is an American and she doesn't have any qualification in Sanskrit or archaeology yet she writes about the dating of the Vedas and receives a great deal of criticism. Gautier says, "A virulent anti-Hindu American, no doubt supported by AnjanaChatterjee and her ilk. Her pronouncement: "perpetrators of violence are not Muslims but Hindus", is proof enough of that. Her interest in India started while working for AmartyaSen, with whom she shared an intimate relationship, a fact she herself bragged about. Before the 2014 Parliament elections, AmartyaSen had said that he wouldn't like Modi to be the PM of India. Martha does not have any qualification or training in archaeology, Sanskrit, geology,or metallurgy, yet writes with authority about the dating of the Vedas."
  • Aakar Patel – Aakar Patel is known for her cattiest comments. Her article which was titled "Most extremists in India are not Muslim – they are Hindu" was yet another example. According to Gautier, "Akar Patel, a subtle but redoubtable Hindu hater, is sadly the head of Amnesty International India (one can see there the perversion of Amnesty, to name a Muslim as its head in a country inhabited by 80% Hindus). Akar indeed always rants against NarendraModi and the Hindu majority, saying: "one must be neutral." but "we dissent against our own country because dissent is patriotic". However he adds: "Anyone opposing us (Amnesty International?), is morally deficient and a repugnant human being". Akar Patel's virulent hatred for the majority community is not masked."
  • Karunanidhi – DMK president M Karunanidhi reportedly made a controversial statement that the term 'Hindu' meant 'thief'. His statement was not only criticised but a case was also filed against him. He has never missed out even a single opportunity to make controversial remarks on Hindus, Hindu Gods, Hindu philosophy and Hindu culture. When the Hindus protested against the installation of EVR's statue in front of the famous Srirangam Temple, He asked, "When Temple Towers have nude sculptures and when nude Gods & Goddesses are kept inside the Temples, what is wrong in having a well-dressed EVR in front of the Temple?" Well, this statement is enough to prove his hatred for Hinduism. Gautier says that Karunanidhi and his mentor, Anna, have made a life for Tamil Brahmins so miserable that many left Tamil Nadu for Delhi or even the US.
  • Hillary Clinton – It is pretty clear that Hillary Clinton is not a friend of India. From an Indian-American point of view, Trump would be probably a better candidate. There are utmost chances that in a Hillary Clinton presidency, her chief of staff might be HumaAbedin, a close aide who is a Pakistani-American, and no friend of India. Gautier believes, "Hillary Clinton has no great love for India and often leans towards Pakistan (her vice chairman of the 2016 election campaign is HumaMahmoodAbedin, of Pakistani origin). Maybe the numerous infidelities of her husband Bill made her into a hard and cynical woman, but if she becomes President of the US, she will be no friend of India and Hindus. Her attitude towards Islam and Muslim fundamentalism is also ambiguous and she is probably closer to Obama's views than any other presidential candidate. You can expect continuing support, financial and in armaments to Pakistan if she is elected."
  • Medha Patkar- She opposed the death penalty of Kasab by saying, ""I call it unfortunate because I do not support the concept of the death penalty. I believe that the state does not have the right to take anyone's life, irrespective of the crimes committed. By that logic, we would then have to condone the murder committed by a person whose mother was raped." According to Gautier, "Another NGO, who very selectively targets only Hindus. Her Narmada dam agitation had one target only: NarendraModi. Yet the dam has proved to be the biggest factor to Gujarat's prosperity, bringing electricity, water, prosperity to all, Hindus as well as Muslims. Medha was also involved in many movements that blocked Mr. Modi's visas in the UK and the US and that tried to stop him from becoming Prime Minister."
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Gautier said, "I put it with a question mark, as I consider him as a great soul indeed. But there are many who point out that he never seemed to have realised the great danger that Nazism represented for humanity. Calling Hitler "my beloved brother", a man who murdered 6 million Jews in cold blood just to prove the purity of his own race, is more than just innocence, it borders on criminal credulity. And did not Gandhi also advise the Jews to let themselves be butchered?…His not condemning Muslims during the Khilafat movement when thousands of Hindus were butchered by Indian Muslims, or his indulgence of Jinnah, going as far as proposing to make him the Prime Minister of India, have not always earned him Hindu goodwill.

Gandhi's love of the Harijans, as he called them, was certainly very touching and sprang from the highest motivations, but once more Gandhi took the European element in the decrying of the caste system, sowing the seeds of future disorders and of a caste war in India, of which we see the effects only today." Mahatma Gandhi was against the idea of migration of all the Muslims to Pakistan which was perhaps his concern for Muslims living in India. His concern was so much that he wanted Hindus to endure all the violence from Muslims, to give up vital Hindu-interests for them. He did a lot for India and he was a great person but some of his ideas were probably problematic.

  • Hindus Themselves – It is true that most of the Hindus migrating to other countries do not remain rooted to their culture and that is the reason why foreign authors who write factually incorrect concepts of Hinduism and Hindu Vedas succeed to brainwash the population.Children of today's generation are not even willing to know about their own culture. If this approach is going to propagate then soon a new concept of Hinduism will come up, developed by the people who are not even qualified to write about Hinduism. According to Gautier, "Hindus, it must be said, are their own biggest enemies. They must be some of the most selfish and individualistic people in the world: rich Hindus never help their poorer brothers and sisters – that's' why the Mother Teresa's and Sonia Gandhi's are able to flourish in India. A Hindu abroad never acknowledges another Hindu but pretends he or she does not exist. You can insult Hindus and their Gods and Goddesses as much as you want and nothing will happen to you. A billion Hindus have not raised a finger about the 450.000 Kashmiri Pandits who became refugees in their own country after they were chased out by terror from the Valley of Kashmir in the 90's. Hindus today don't give a damn whether their children know about the Ramayana, the Mahabharata or the Bhagavad Gita, where every truth that needs to be known about life, after life, karma, dharma, and soul is taught. Modern Hindu children do not go to temples, pray or know what a puja is. Hindus do not care to have colleges where Hindu values are imparted, like the Muslims, have (Aligarh university for instance) The only one ever, the Benares Hindu University, should not be called 'Hindu', as nothing Hindu is taught there anymore.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who along with a few hundred men, stood his ground against the most powerful emperor of his times, has practically no place in Indian History books and is often described as a petty chieftain or even a plunderer. So is MaharanaPratap, the ONLY Rajput who fought against the Mughals and actually defeated Akbar in Haldighati.

Hindus who tend to merge and melt wherever they live – and in the process, lose some their identities and togetherness. And finally, the most deadly and vicious intellectuals that we have reviewed above, are Hindus most of them. They are the ones that should be targeted, in a non-violent but firm manner."

-Compiled by a staff-writer at the Newsgram. The article was originally published on the official blog of Francois Gautier.


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