Installed Tinder lately? 10 types of Men you will come across in this Dating App

Installed Tinder lately? 10 types of Men you will come across in this Dating App

October 19, 2016: All you ladies who have just installed 'Tinder' Dating app, just before you pop open that app and discover it is an Uber of dating and mating, you might like to know about the kind of men you will find on this app!

  1. The "I am only here for sex" dude

His photo: Shirtless photos, pants hanging right above his crotch, Hrithik Roshan, only body and no face pictures.

His Intro: The "I am only here for sex" dude keeps his bio pretty clear, he tells what he is here for.

His message: (The very first message from him) I am excellent in lovemaking, and I am here looking for girls to mate with.

Swipe: Girls, what are you up for? If you see his pictures where he takes "IT OUT" swipe left, for sanitary purposes. However, if you do not find him dangerous get going 😉

2. The Animal Lover

His Photo: A cute little Labrador puppy licking his face to wake him up, lying on his garden grass with his little kittens,or your maybe-to be-boyfriend dancing with his Husky.

His Intro: Father of One, Dogs are life, Dogs are human's best friend.

His Message: So! Do you love dogs?, Are you a cat or a dog person?

Swipe: If you adore animals, and you being a dog lover see he owns one, swipe Right!

3. The Married Guy

His Photos: A picture where he is holding on to his wife and child (why is he even on Tinder?). He will make you hate the whole concept of marriage.

His Intro: Want to make 'frands'.

His Message: I am married… please do not be disappointed by it, I am here just to make 'frands' and go around with them as family.


4. The Party Animal

His Photos: No broad daylight picture, most pictures clicked in clubs and bars smoking a cigarette or holding a glass of whisky.

His Intro: I am a party animal, Love partying (Baap ka paisa hai urao)

His Message: Wanna Go For Party 2nite?

Swipe: Go partying rather alone,than this brat. Swipe LEFT right now!

5. The Intellectual One

His Photo: A guy wearing specs with black and white effect on the picture is looking outside the window, thinking about something.

His Intro: Biology student. 21. Male.Love my life.(Meaning: His life sucks, he is that guy in your class who kept asking the teachers continuous questions and disturbed the class, every student hated him into every bit)

His Message: (x-y)*[e/7]+{r+m} (meaning: would you like to go out for coffee?)

Swipe: Want to keep solving equations on the date? You know what to do!

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6. The SRK fan

His Photo: He is standing in front of every possible place (even sulabh sauchalya) with his arms wide open.

His Intro: Couldn't type he is waiting with his arms wide open

His message: NO! nothing… he is still waiting with his hands wide open

Swipe: LEFT ! with your brain wide open.

7. The Car Mechanic

His Photo: Posing in front of a BMW or Audi or Lamborghini, but you will never see him seated inside them.

His Intro: Drive Fast so that life does not take the lead.

His Message: Wanna for on a ride?

Swipe: He owns none of those, he is either the car owner's driver's son or the mechanic. Do u really want to go for a ride ?

8. The workout guy

His Photos: Semi-naked flashing six pack abs, flexing his biceps or triceps, doing push-ups or pull-ups.

His Intro: Work out because girls love six packs! (ummm… not all girls like body builder boyfriends!)

His message: Wanna go for a run tomorrow morning?

Swipe: You really want to go for a run at 5 o'clock in the morning? Choose ! Sleep or will u swipe right?

9. The WTF guy

His Photos: Hairy chest, bulging tummy (you'll get to know who is the WTF guy)

His Intro: Will anyone even read? (already swiped left)

His Message: Already swiped left.

Swipe: At the very first second.. LEFT…LEFT…LEFT !

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10. The Liar Guy

His Photos: Helping a blind man cross the road, Feeding a roadside child, Medicating a hurt street animal.

His Intro: Volunteer, love doing social work it gives me peace, looking for genuine relationship.

His Message: You are so beautiful, thank god my friend downloaded tinder on my phone and i swiped your profile to the right. Will u be my girlfriend? I am already falling for you.

Swipe: He is the biggest liar in this world. He is no volunteer, He treats people at their worst. Swipe Left!

How many of these species have you come across? Think!

– by Enakshi Roy Chowdhury of Newsgram. Twitter: @enakshirc58