5 traits of lord Rama which make him the Supreme Being

5 traits of lord Rama which make him the Supreme Being

New Delhi, September 22, 2017: Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of lord Vishnu, is the central character of Hindu epic Ramayana and is considered as the most important avatar of the deity. Rama is considered to be an enlightened man, with great regard for morals and values. He has also been given the title of Maryada Purushottama, which means the perfect man. One of the main deities in Hinduism, He is believed to have lived in the Treta Yuga, 1.2 million years ago. He has even been defined as, "the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband, and above all, the ideal king," by Swami Vivekananda. For the perfection that he personifies, let's take a look at the best of his qualities.

Traits of Lord Rama:

1. Satisfaction: He was satisfied with whatever he had, even a little less couldn't have bothered him.


2. Loyalty: He never thought of a woman other than Sita in his entire life.


3. Kindness: He was a kind soul, who wished well for every creature on earth.


4. Spirituality: The title of a king did not stop him from performing his spiritual practices.


5. Humility: He never talked about his goodness or greatness.


-prepared by Samiksha Goel of NewsGram. twitter @goel_samiksha

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