6 Foods You Should Mandatorily Avoid At Night

6 Foods You Should Mandatorily Avoid At Night

Eating right before bed is never a healthy habit. The ideal time for dinner is at least three hours before going to bed. Eating the right food at night is very crucial in ensuring sound sleep and better digestion. There are certain foods you should never eat before going to bed. They can end up causing a turbulent night ahead. Here are the six foods you should mandatorily avoid at night:

1. Milk

Though rich in protein and calcium, milk is something you should definitely avoid at night. The lactose content of the milk causes indigestion thereby depriving you of a perfect sleep. Additionally, if you are lactose intolerant, you should keep milk at an arm's length during the night time. You can have pasta instead.

2. Chocolate

A small cube of chocolate is something everyone loves to have after supper. However, your favorite dessert can be very unhealthy. The high sugar content and caffeine keeps away you from sleeping well. Consequently, lack of sleep causes sluggishness and inefficiency in work.

3. Pizza

Say a big no to Pizza before going to bed. Your choicest pizza contains high calories and trans fats which can sit in your stomach throughout the night leaving you disturbed for a protracted period of time.

4. Fruit Juice

The idea of gulping down a glass of fruit juice instead of dinner is rather very bad. Fruit juices during night tend to have an acidic reaction on your body. They can cause heartburn as well.

5. Alcohol

A peg of alcohol at night can lead to an acid influx. Alcohol relaxes your valves that connect the stomach to the oesophagus. Consequently, the body is unable to place the food where it belongs resulting in an acid influx.

6. Soda

Are you suffering from an acid reflux and thus planning to drink a glass of soda to counter the malady? You might not get the desired results. Soda is itself highly acidic in content which can harm the valves due to carbonation thereby leading to increased pressure on the stomach.

Prepared by Mohima Haque of NewsGram.

Twitter: mohimahaque26

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