TV Actor Arjun Pandit Sharma talks about Nepotism In Bollywood

TV Actor Arjun Pandit Sharma talks about Nepotism In Bollywood
  • Views of Actor Arjun Pandit Sharma on Nepotism In Bollywood
  • He talks about his role in latest TV show Adat Se Majboor
  • Details of his upcoming projects in acting and writing

"Young actor Arjun Pandit Sharma who played the role of Sardar Ji in Koi Mil Gaya and has done other movies like Total Siyappa ,Darna Mana Hai , Dus Kahaniyaan will now be seen playing a role of a journalist named as Sunny in the new show Adat Se Majboor on Sab TV. He has previously worked in TV serial like Pravarish 2 ,Crime Patrol on SET and talks about his views on nepotism in bollywood and experience in the entertainment industry.

What all preparations you did to play Sunny's role?

Not much preparation was needed. Sunny is a Punjabi boy and being a born Punjabi I always preferred Punjabi roles as I am most comfortable in playing that. We visited the office of Bombay Times magazine in Mumbai to do our research about the role of a journalist which changed my perspective about the journalism workplace. Everyone there were very friendly and fun loving which made my task easier to adapt the role.

Working as an actor for so long, what changes have you seen in the industry?

A lot has changed in the industry. When I worked as a child artist. there were no casting directors, only the director headed the show. There was less involvement of channel in the making of the show , but now each and everything is approved by the channel team. And I see this as an advantage as it leads to more publicity of the show and increased amount of salaries of the actors.

Having worked in both TV and Bollywood, in which medium you feel more comfortable?

For me TV is much better than Bollywood. Television industry is creating three times the revenue than Bollywood. As an actor, I would prefer TV, as television gives you a security to work for a longer time whereas in movies, you have to search for work more frequently.

What are your views about nepotism in bollywood?

I feel there is no harm in nepotism in bollywood or in any industry. It exists not only in Bollywood but in every business of the world. It can help actors in making debut in the beginning but not in a long run. There are many actors like Sushant Singh Rajput ,Rajkumar Rao and many more who made their mark in the industry without any godfather and on the other hand many actors were not successful after coming from a strong Bollywood background. If you have the talent , it will take to the heights but nothing else can. Nepotism in bollywood should is over-rated.

Do you feel web series are emerging more than TV?

Web series are emerging very fast but TV still has a vast number of audience due to its content and family based shows. One thing that we have as an advantage in the web series is there is no issue of censorship. There is huge difference in the kind of audience watching TV and web series. And the show Adat Se Majboor caters to both type of audience, youth and family .

Apart from acting, any other profession you would like to take up in future?

I am already writing a story for a film which is Hindi remake of a famous south Indian movie. I have also written a web series recently. I have always loved writing and will continue to write in future as well.

Prepared by Pragya Mittal | Twitter @PragyaMittal05

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