Banaras: The Ancient City With A Twist

Banaras: The Ancient City With A Twist

By Ruchika Verma

  • Banaras is one of the oldest cities in the world
  • It is a historic, cultural and religious hub
  • The ancient city is full of fascinating places and stories

Banaras or Varanasi is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. It is situated in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a city on the banks of the river Ganga and is one of the seven sacred cities of India.

Banaras is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cities in India. It is a historical, religious and political hub. The city combines all the major aspects of India beautifully in one place. One side, where there are religious ghats, on the other, there are streets full of political discussions. It is one colourful city, in all aspects possible.

Banaras – A city with a rich culture and history

In Banaras, there are stories everywhere you look. Stories and myths about gods, royalties, politicians, there is nothing which you won't hear here.

There is also a story behind the city's famous other name, Varanasi. It starts with the two rivers, Varuna and Assi, which meet in this city, hence the name, 'Varanasi'. During the Mughal rule, they changed the name to 'Banaras'.

Banaras has a rich historic and religious heritage. Wikimedia Commons

A sense of historic relevance floats around the city and you will found it everywhere you go. Whether it is, you'll find traces of history and culture in every nook of Banaras.

Famous Places in Banaras

Banaras is full of places which will interest not only a travel enthusiast but also, any normal person. Whereas, Sarnath will acquaint you with the birthplace of Buddha. Ramnagar Fort will acquaint yo with a impressive vintage cars, clocks, and pictures. And who can miss the famous 'Aarti' on the banks of river Ganga, it is one of the most enchanting experiences one could have.

And also, the famous hindu temple, Kashi Vishwanath. It is one of the greatest Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Also, the Banaras Hindu University or BHU, which is a dream college for many and the political hub for its students. The markets are also very colourful and full of great deals.

the famous Banaras Hindu University is one of the most premium institutes in India, Wikimedia Commons

The city of Varanasi has you covered for food too. The 'Chaats' are a must try. And the 'Kulhaad Chai' is another quintessential delicacy you can find in the ancient city.

Banaras is undoubtedly is a small but a great city which is ancient, but with a twist of modernity.

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