Singer Sona Mohapatra Accuses Sufi NGO of ‘Threats’

Singer Sona Mohapatra Accuses Sufi NGO of ‘Threats’

Singer Sona Mohapatra on Tuesday accused a Sufi Muslim NGO, Madariya Sufi Foundation (MSF), of hurling threats after it found her music video "Tori Surat" vulgar and which could flare communal passions. The MSF has denied the charge.

She revealed the 'threats' in a series of tweets to Mumbai Police Commissioner Datta Padsalgikar, saying the MSF has asked her to remove her music video from all communication media.

"They claim that the video is vulgar, will flare communal tensions," said the 41-year-old Mohapatra in her tweets late on Monday.

However, MSF spokesperson Sameer Mohammed Boghani termed Mohapatra's allegations as "belated, mischievous and twisted out of turn" to suit her interests.

"We have sent her an email raising concerns over the content of the music videos, the copies of which were also sent to Mumbai Police Commissioner, Khar Police Station head, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Indian Broadcasting Foundation and Custodian of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah, Delhi, on April 22. How come she sensed the so-called threats after so many days?" Bhojani told IANS.

Sona Mohapatra (Wikimedia Commons)

He said that the MSF in its email (a copy is available with IANS) pointed out some 10 objectionable points in the music video content which have hurt the sentiments of Muslims, the Sufi spiritual heads, the Chishtiya Sufi Brotherhood, the Sufi Khanaqas and the Custodians and followers of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya.

"We requested her to remove the objectionable video and tender an apology failing which we would initiate appropriate legal proceedings. How can this be construed as a threat in any manner?" Bhojani asked.

Among other things, Mohapatra said the MSF and the Nizamuddin Dargah (New Delhi) have an issue with the description of the music video, "earthy incarnations of the feminine Divine," and with "a sleeveless dress and body exposing dancer".

In another tweet to Padsalgikar, Mohapatra said that she had got a 'threatening email notice' from the MSF demanding that she pull out the music video which has been cleared by the Censor Board.

She pointed out that the MSF has called her "a regular offender" and has found a five-year-old video of hers rendering a Sufiana Kalam "Piya Se Naina" on "Coke Studio" as insulting to Islam because she had exposed her body and playing to western music.

A Mumbai Police spokesperson declined to comment on Mohapatra's issue.

The singer, hailing from Odisha, rued that in the past, when she was threatened with rape, mutilation and acid attacks during the Salman Khan controversy, she received "no real help or remedy" but despite that she was safe.

The Thane-based MSF describes itself as a "non-profit humanitarian trust" working to promote Sufism, peace, justice and human rights, besides academic research. (BollywoodCountry)