Wax The Right Way For Rash-Free Skin

Wax The Right Way For Rash-Free Skin

Removing body hair is anything but pleasant. For some women it is about pain, while others also face rashes or marks post-waxing.

Charoo Chawla Anand, director, Blliis by Ravissant spa and salon, shares tips for rash-free waxing:

* Take a hot wax heater and heat the wax till it melts.

* Apply talcum powder on the body part which needs to be waxed.

* Use a spatula to apply warm wax on that area.

* Place wax strip on it.

* Pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

* To minimise discomfort, use hand pressure on the waxed area after the strip has been removed.

* Once you are through with waxing, clean with water and apply astringent.

* Then apply lotion to moisturise skin.

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Do's and Don'ts of waxing:


· Do exfoliation before waxing.

· Esure an expert does your waxing according to the direction of hair growth.

· Take a bath with warm water before waxing.


· Do not apply any lotion on body before waxing.

· Do not take bath with hot water after waxing.

· Do not spray deodorant before waxing.

· Do not do exfoliation after waxing.

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