Sound-Based Therapy Tips for Mental Wellbeing

Sound-Based Therapy Tips for Mental Wellbeing

How are you handling your daily routine while in lockdown? Is the anxiety of the situation overwhelming? What steps can you take to help yourself in these trying times. Sudhanshu Rai, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, shares some key Sound based therapy tips to enable you to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Sound is intrinsic to everything knowingly or unknowingly, it plays an important role in one's mental health and overall personality. It starts right from our respiratory system as we observe the sound of our breathing while inhaling and exhaling. It directly relates to the mental and physical status of any individual – when in aggression, the sound of our breathing is different than what it is when we are in peace.

A sound therapy can stimulate your hormones. Pixabay

Following the sound of Breath

Sit or lie down on a mat and close your eyes. Slow down your breathing and make the process of inhalation as deep as possible. It should be deep but at the same time as long as possible. You can feel a flow of positive energy along with the air you are inhaling. Slowly slip into the sound of your breathing, syncing along the different sounds of inhalation and exhalation. Focus on the sound and your mind will start relaxing. This can be repeated multiple times during a day.

Sound of humming

Bhramari is one such humming exercise that can effectively calm your mind. One needs to sit on a mat, shut eyes, ears and nose and make the sound of 'OM'. When observed closely, this triggers a positive vibration that can be felt directly on mind. This can be repeated 15-20 times. This therapy is directly targeted for the upper region of your head.

Sound of Nature

If one has the option of standing or sitting in a balcony, he/she can just close his eyes and listen to the sound available in surroundings, i.e. chirping of birds, air passing through his face etc. This must be practiced early morning as nature has its own healing powers, and once a person reaches closer to nature, he or she can just start reach closer to the source of sound. A tenure of 10-15 minutes is perfect for this process.

Musical instruments can also help you out with your therapy. Pixabay

Sound of music or created sound

One can lie down calmly with closed eyes and create surrounding music or sound at their place of choice. For instance, I may want to feel that I am lying down on sand, closer to beach, and listening to waves progressing towards me. Several captured voices are available on YouTube and other platforms, from where people can select the sound of their choice. Once you have started feeling the surrounding, go enjoy the freedom and feel the moment i.e. visualise the colour of the beach, stair at the clear blue sky and feel the breeze of fresh air. The created sound directly stimulates the hormones and make a person feel the surrounding as if they are really at the place. This may lead you to a peaceful sleep, and if you slip into a deep sleep, please flow with it.

Sound of chanting/instruments

Everything starts from sound; be it birth or death. Chanting or playing an instrument, i.e. Guitar, Drums etc, of your choice directly influences the brain and helps improve the thought process, thereby creating a positive vibration around us. This should be practised for at least 30 minutes first thing you wake up. (IANS)

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