Cracking Misconceptions About Hemp Oil

Cracking Misconceptions About Hemp Oil

Hemp or hempseed oil is a popular ingredient for beauty and skincare products. However, it does come with its own set of popular myths.


Ritika Jayaswal, CEO and Founder of Nourish Mantra, dispels some of them.

Myth: Hemp oil is a source of THC – delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol

Reality: Hemp oil is gaining popularity and is used for various purposes. Washed hemp seed does not contain THC. The tiny amounts of THC contained in industrial hemp are in the glands of the plant itself. Sometimes, in the manufacturing process, some THC and CBD containing resin sticks to the seed, resulting in traces of THC in the oil produced, but the concentration of these cannabinoids in the oil is miniscule.

Myth: CBD hemp oil is legal in India?

Reality: If CBD products are extracted from hemp, then they are legal to purchase and use in India. Products above 0.3 percent THC content are classified as cannabis products therefore illegal in the country.

Only products above 0.3 percent THC content are classified as cannabis products and are illegal in India. Pixabay

Myth: Hemp oil is psychoactive

Reality: People have a misconception that hemp oil makes you high (psychoactive) or intoxicates the same way as THC does; this is not the case.

Myth: Hemp oil and CBD oil are the same

Reality: Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds and there is no CBD content in it. Whereas CBD oil is made from leaves, flowers and stalks of the hemp plant; these are the main source of cannabidiol.

Myth: Hemp oil is not beneficial for skin issues

Reality: Hemp oil provides a lot of skin benefits and is suitable for all skin types as it moisturizes without clogging the pores. It balances oily skin while providing hydration and regulates the oil production. It also helps in curing acne, and reduces signs of aging. (IANS)