5 Dog Breeds Great For Your Family

5 Dog Breeds Great For Your Family

By Prince Waliam

There's no denying the fact that people get extremely attached to their canines and that they usually regard them as a valued member of their family. Regardless of the size of your family, a dog will always be a wonderful addition that will delight both the kids and the adults. Still, as much as any furry companion is sure to win everyone's hearts, getting the breed that is suitable for a life with a family is the right path towards making everyone, including the canine, happy. Here are some tips on that.

Even though you will probably fall in love with every single puppy you take a look at, the truth is that you shouldn't actually choose based only on those emotions. This is especially correct when children are involved because you do want your new home member to get along well with your children. In order to make sure that the whole family will enjoy the presence of the newest addition, you will have to think about the breed you are choosing.

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There certainly are a lot of different breeds to take into consideration, but the simple fact is that not all of them will be the perfect household dogs, which is exactly what you need. In order to help you make the right choice for you, I've put together a short list of those breeds that would make for a perfect family dog. So, let's check those out and then you can finally make your decision.

Bichon Frise

These cute little creatures are sure to quickly become your children's best friend, especially so if you have a yard in which they can all play together. A Bichon Frise will definitely participate in all the fun and active games that either you or your kids come up with. Don't worry, though. Once they get inside your home, they tend to be rather low-key and easy to maintain. It's like they spend all the energy outside and then switch off when they go inside.

When you start looking at different breeds, such as those listed on holistapet and similar places, you will probably keep shedding in mind, in order to try and avoid a dog that sheds too much, especially if you are planning on keeping it inside. Well, it turns out that Bichons, despite their fluffy and curly fur, don't really shed that much. That's another plus for making them a family dog.

There certainly are a lot of different breeds to take into consideration.


Now, there's no way we can talk about household dogs without mentioning the cute Beagles with their floppy ears. These are pretty devoted to their family and there's only one thing you will have to do in order to turn them into a perfect household pet. You'll need to train them properly. If not trained, they tend to howl a lot, which might disturb the neighbors.


In case you prefer larger canines and in case you have a place where you can keep them, Mastiffs are the perfect choice for you and your family. Their laziness will not only be fun to watch, but it will also mean that you don't have to constantly run around with the pet. Mastiffs are rather calm, docile and peaceful and they rarely ever bark. Of course, you'll have to train them while they are young.

Bernese Mountain Dog

One look into the eyes of this amazingly beautiful breed will be enough for you and your whole family to fall in love with it. Rest assured that it will return the affection, since these large dogs are rather friendly and affectionate. Cuddling is their middle name. Of course, just like any other breed, this one will have to be trained as well and grooming is a must when the Bernese Mountain Dog is in question.

Here are some more breeds for you to consider: https://www.petmd.com/dog/top_tens/evr_dg_top_10_for_kids

Golden Retriever

No list of family dogs can go without the breed that is known as the classic family dog all over the world. Golden Retrievers have that title for a reason. Once they are properly trained and socialized, these canines will be extremely devoted to their whole family and their protective instincts are definitely something to brag about.

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