How To Become A Poker Pro

How To Become A Poker Pro

By Carol Trehearn

Whether you're completely new to the game of poker and are really enjoying the games you've played so far, or have spent some time at the tables and know just how satisfying a win can be, you might be thinking about becoming a professional poker player. Playing poker professionally can be just as fun as it is financially rewarding, but getting there requires a lot of hard work and dedication. We've put together some top tips to help you get on your way to becoming a successful professional poker player.

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Learn Poker Theory

Before you get on your way to becoming a professional poker player, you'll need to have at least the basic poker theory down. One of the best ways to do this is by reading books about the game written by professional poker players; you should definitely read multiple books on poker if you want to become a pro. The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky is one of the most important books on poker and a definite must-read if you want to play professionally. It's readable, comprehensive, and includes all the concepts and theories behind every version of the game.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky is one of the most important books on poker and a definite must-read. Pixabay

Build Your Bankroll

It's difficult to become a professional player if you do not have a sufficient bankroll. No matter how good you are, it's important to remember that you're not going to win every game. How much bankroll you need will largely depend on how good you are at the game. If you're a losing player, you're going to need an infinite bankroll, but if you're a winning player, you should aim to have twenty times the size of your buy-in for any game that you play. Newer, less confident players may even consider doubling that amount. How you build your bankroll is completely up to you, but it's important that it's money you will not need for other purposes.

Track Your Results

Just like it would be difficult to run a business without tracking the amount of money that you are bringing in, you can't become a professional poker player if you don't track your winnings and losses. Keep track of what you are playing, for how long, and how much you have won or lost. The more data you have on your performance, the easier it will be for you to spot patterns in your gameplay and figure out which moves are going to put you in with a better chance of winning in the future.


Finally, practice makes perfect, and you're not going to become a poker pro if you're only playing one game a month. Thanks to online casinos like this online casino India has, it's easy to practice your poker skills every day from anywhere that you like. Play low-stakes games so that you're not risking a lot of money each time you play, giving you a better chance at refining your skills and building up your experience towards playing like a pro.

If you love poker, you might want to play it for a living. Becoming a professional poker player means getting a thorough understanding of the game and putting in as much practice as possible.

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