Most Indian Employees Nervous About Returning Office

Most Indian Employees Nervous About Returning Office

About 83 percent of employees in India are still nervous about going back to the office in the absence of an effective Covid-19 vaccine, said a report on Friday.

Indian employees were more likely to want to work completely from home than any other country surveyed, according to the study by Australia-based software firm Atlassian Corporation.

While people are still managing new challenges that come with remote work, many reported a sense of "relief" at being free from the usual presenteeism of the office environment.

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In fact, 70 percent of people reported their job satisfaction is better than before Covid-19 restrictions, according to the report titled "Reworking Work: Understanding The Rise of Work Anywhere."

"The research findings point to how the 'new normal' will shape work, relationships, and collaboration in the future. These are the voices of real people facing real complexities," Dinesh Ajmera, Site Lead and Head of Engineering, Bengaluru, Atlassian, said in a statement.

75 percent thought their team worked better together compared to pre-COVID. Pixabay

"Now is our opportunity to use the insights we have been presented with to adapt for the better, guided by the experiences of employees around the world."

The study commissioned by Atlassian and conducted by Australian research agency PaperGiant is an extension of the previous global survey conducted in early 2020 with knowledge workers in Australia, Japan, Germany, France, and the US using observational, qualitative, and ethnographic research methodologies.

In India, 1,425 participants from tier 1, 2, and 3 cities were surveyed for over four weeks in October.

The results showed that 86 percent of employees in India thought the members of their team feel closer to each other now and 75 percent thought their team worked better together compared to pre-Covid. (IANS)

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