Tips To Give Your Home A Christmas Makeover

Tips To Give Your Home A Christmas Makeover

Festive makeovers of your abode can add a unique charm to your festivities and celebrations. With Christmas around the corner, decorate your home and recreate the Christmas and year-end warmth without breaking the bank. Entrepreneur Suruchi Khanna, Founder of Sana Furnishings by Suruchi Khanna, gives you the tips to give your home a Christmas makeover.


Christmas decorations become super fun when you place cushions around with sparkles and personalized messages. You can also add red and white color socks filled with candies to your decor. How about adding wind chimes with the soft sound of jingle bells?

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Christmas and glitter go hand in hand. You can get glitter from candleholders, pinecones, swine glasses, or using sparkly ribbon as decor elements around the Christmas trees.


Wrapped gifts will help make your house look good. Pixabay

The presence of wrapped presents around makes your house feel like Christmas. Simple boxes packed nicely with an oversized ribbon and plain paper is a classic look for Christmas decorations.


It's super important to play with color for getting festive decor right. Let the color code be red and white for your furnishings, crockery, or little more fun elements spread around.


Right from trimming the branches, to adding the trail of fairy lights around to adding the snow on the tree with gifts packed placed under the tree to top it up with a bow, Christmas tree decoration is the most important element and can bring that festive vibe to your interiors.


Everyone has different preferences and enjoys different things, but Christmas is all about bright colors especially red and white. Some may enjoy glitter and shimmer in their textiles. Depending on what catches your eye, you can match all textiles according to your taste. Colour combinations in the Christmas is the key this season.


Fragrances can be decided depending on the textiles in your room and what helps lift and bring up the mood and flowers can really help amp up the place and add some life to it, giving your home a great Christmas makeover for the season. (IANS)

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