The Minimalist Decor Trend Is On The Rise

The Minimalist Decor Trend Is On The Rise

The minimalist decor trend has been on the rise since the global pandemic began. As the happiness quotient of people around the globe has dropped, they prefer simplicity and comfort within their homes; and minimalism has somehow managed to take away all the noise and clutter from their life.

Minimalism is surely the new trend and is going to stay for long. Michelle Williamson, Interior Designer, WoodenStreet, talk about minimalist decor with IANSlife.

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1. Organised and clutter-free spaces have become a priority

A home with clutter-free space and organized essentials in every room is what people want today. There was a time when people used to live like bachelors, where everything is always extra and unwanted, but still occupied your home. We have come a long way since then. The lifestyles of people have improved a lot, thanks to exposition to minimalism and detailed decor on social media.

2. It keeps people healthy and happy

In a research on the daily habits of people, it has come out that many people are unhappy and unhealthy because their home is a mess, or it is filled with incessant furniture products or other unrequired objects collecting dust. This is why people are shifting their focus towards accommodating minimalist furniture and keeping their homes simple. It results in contentment and better health as compared to the people with traditional decor, where every inch is occupied.

Improves the aesthetics of your home and promotes luxury. Pixabay

3. Improves the aesthetics of your home and promotes luxury

One thing the minimalism promises you is comfort at peak, whether you want your living room with just a handful of seating accommodation or your balcony with the required bench, it all prevails when the setting is minimalist. Minimalism is thriving because it aesthetically improves your home and portrays luxury.

4. More minimalism and less maintenance

When you go the minimalist way on all your interiors, there is less need to clean and dust every print of furniture. Fewer components are directly proportional to less maintenance. The more you keep on filling your home with additional furniture, which is required momentarily, the more you will be under stress to clean them or maintain every unit in case they get ruined.

5. More simplicity with more functionality

Opting for minimalist decor for your home doesn't mean that you should adjust with a single unit, but it means that whatever module you are buying must be functional.

6. Lots of space — an expression of freedom

The big reason behind the abundance of minimalist decor trends is the lots of free space that is left around. As you implement the theme of minimalist decor in your house, you can also visualize any further changes you can make to this white space. This is what minimalism does to people, giving them what they always wanted. Though the availability of space might not be a very good advantage for you, it will certainly be one for your kids or pets because, in urban spaces, there is a lack of open gardens and backyards. (IANS/SP)

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