Revamp Your Self Care Routine By Beauty And Spa

Revamp Your Self Care Routine By Beauty And Spa

Bang in the middle of summer we need to remind ourselves that our self-care routine needs a revamp. Swati Gupta, Director, and Head of Creative Development — Bodycraft Salon & Spa, shares some of the major trends that we're going to see this summer which will be rooted in wellness and style.

Dewy Skin is in! : With all the dehydration and oil build-up that one normally experiences in the summer, it only makes sense to go easy on the makeup and focus on skincare. On and off the runway, dewy skin with minimal make-up and lots of glow is what we'll see. Fresh interventions like the Hydra Medi Facial or Caviar Facial will help the skin glow from within.

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Shorter is better: Summer is a good time to keep your hair off the neck and shoulders. Short hair for the summer is a trend that's here to stay. If you do not wish to part with your hair, go for light layers and hairstyles that incorporate braids.

Colour and more color: Bold colors are the biggest trend of summer 2021. Bright eyeliner with minimal makeup gives you the perfect opportunity to play with color and keep the make-up light. Nails are a fun, non-committal way to experiment with color. Neon shades hot off the runway and to everyday style with bright nails making the perfect color statement. Or you could go with something slightly more adventurous like bold hair color to be cool in the hot months.

Spa days: With the year that has been, a spa day might be more of a necessity than a trend for self care. Treatments with light ingredients olive oil, wine, or chocolate are ideal for the summer. Choose a scrub to get rid of dead skin. Mani-Pedi's with a summer touch is all the rage right now. We're talking mango and avocado treatments, Vitamin C-rich treatments like cherry and sugarcane spa are trending. (IANS/SP)

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