‘Actors Are Sometimes Let Down By Their Directors’, Says Actor Arjun Kapoor

‘Actors Are Sometimes Let Down By Their Directors’, Says Actor Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor agrees that an actor's career in Bollywood is defined by hits and misses, as it helps in assessing the saleability of the star through the business of their films. However, he points out an actor alone is not the deciding factor for the highs and lows.

"When you are looking at the saleability of an actor you have to assess how the business of his/her film has done. At the same time, I feel if you are a good actor, you are more defined by the performance," Arjun told IANS.

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He added: "Sometimes you can be a very good actor and have made wrong choices. You could be the correct actor that attracts people but they are disappointed by the work that you are doing at the moment because an actor alone is not deciding the hits and misses." Arjun says there are various elements that may or may not work in an actor's favor.

"Actors are sometimes let down by their director, sometimes by the fact that the script eventually did not pan out the way it was imagined and an actor sometimes let a film down by not doing a good job with the material provided to them," he said.

"The definition of an actor for the outsider is, of course, hits and misses, but within the community, I would say there are a lot of other circumstances that come forward," he said. Arjun's next is "Sardar Ka Grandson", which is set to release on Netflix on May 18." Sardar Ka Grandson" is the story of Amalek played by Arjun, who wants to fulfill the wish of his grandmother, essayed by Neena Gupta. (IANS/JC)

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