Discover The Top Summer Furniture Trends

Discover The Top Summer Furniture Trends

This summer season is all about staying at home (with lockdowns across the country). Hence, revamping your abode with some furniture trends helps to feel enjoy the vibe of the season. Here, Michelle Williamson, Interior Designer, WoodenStreet, talks about some picture-perfect ideas for this summer year 2021.

Less is More

The minimalist style always tops the list of trends in the summer. Minimalism in the furniture refers to the characteristic features of simple, clean lines and sleekness in the design. So, bring out the essential furniture pieces like a sofa, coffee table, lounge chair, or even bed with the simple and sophisticated look to make your home inviting and also a relaxing spot. You can also add comfortable and soft fabric cushions to feel fresh and lively.

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Soothing Shades of Furniture

Whether you just want a seasonal update or to channelize the summer all the long year, this trend featuring light-hued and soothing shades works to make the case. Undoubtedly, it brightens up the room and soaks away the darkness of wintery days. Light shades like 'Honey' and 'Teak' will do the trick. In addition vibrant and rich hues of upholstery add to a welcoming summery day to your home

The minimalist style always tops the list of trends in the summer. Pixabay

Furniture for Super Refreshing Mocktails and Cocktails

Your favorite 'Mojito' and cocktails, must need a properly designated station. Also, a bar at home has been useful for many during the lockdown. So, becoming a bartender, the aroma of fresh drinks, and sipping on coolers are great ways to spend the evenings. A proper bar helps to preserve the flavor of drinks in your collection and keeps you cool during hot days.

Your favorite 'Mojito' and cocktails, must need a properly designated station. Pixabay

Cheerful Summer Balcony

Who doesn't love to sit in their backyard or balcony, especially during the evening or enjoy the chirping of birds at dawn? Balcony furniture allows you to enjoy some time in nature, soak up some vitamin D or enjoy the cooler breeze at night. Also, it allows you to unwind after a hard day with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Not only this, you can enjoy a weekend breakfast in an outdoor dining set.

Symbol of Comfort and Bright Decor

During sunny days, printed fabric sofas are a smart move. Because it has specific properties of absorbing sweat, resulting in a comfortable lounge experience. Choose sheer comfortable and breathable materials such as cotton or velvet for the upholstery of the sofas. Along with this, there is a wide assortment of colorful fabric options to welcome the bright season. Florals are an evergreen option and never go out of trend. Also, they are well suited to either compliment or contrast the theme of the decor.

During sunny days, printed fabric sofas are a smart move. Pixabay

Let the Light In

Summers are all about putting away dark and nubby things and letting the sunshine into your home. Swapping dark curtains, add natural window treatments, hang bold statement mirrors to let the light in. Mirrors reflect natural light instead of absorbing it. So, place large accent mirrors in your entryway or in your bedroom, to enlighten up your room, it also helps to create an illusion of the large space in a crunched home.

Lastly, Don't Forget the Swing Chairs

Swing chairs are undeniably the best in lockdown, no matter how much space is available a swing can hang anywhere and helps one enjoy their siesta, coffee, or book. It's the right place for "me-time" after a long day of work. The wooden jhula or hammocks are surprisingly cozy and amazing to take small and refreshing naps. Add a soft fabric cushion adds a zing to your summery furniture style. (IANS/JC)

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