Why Is Etihad Airways The Best Airline?

Why Is Etihad Airways The Best Airline?

By Danielle Martin

Fly with Etihad Airways, an Arab airline based in Abu Dhabi. The internationally renowned airline is undoubtedly the most important in the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways is one of the most important airlines in the world, both in terms of turnover and the number of flights offered, and its hub is Abu Dhabi International Airport. Etihad Airways Online Booking is also available now!

It is truly surprising that such a young company, having been founded in 2003, has managed in such a short time to become one of the most important companies in the world: the investments made at the beginning, on the other hand, were enormous, and immense is also its revenues, with a turnover that in 2015 exceeded 9 billion dollars.

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Etihad Airways – The Best Airline In The World

Brian Kelly, aka The Points Guy (thepointsguy. com), sums up the Residence Class experience in the title of his short video: "Why Etihad's A380 Residence will blow your mind?" We see Kelly lying on her bed in her bedroom wearing a bathrobe that she put on after a shower in her bathroom with a heated floor. He also describes, with evident pleasure, his living room, his chef, and his butler. A real experience.

The Residence is a three-room private suite, a first for commercial aviation. For $32,000 one-way, you and a friend can travel between Abu Dhabi and New York in your own apartment in the sky complete with a living room with a two-seater sofa, dining tables, a refrigerated drink cabinet, and a 32-inch LCD monitor. A carpeted hallway leads to a private bathroom with a shower and a bedroom with a double bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and a choice of pillows.

The butler Kelly refers to was trained at the Savoy Academy in London, and you will be assigned your own private chef who will do whatever you want – Kelly has decided to dine on a turkey.

Etihad Airways is one of the most important airlines in the world. Pixabay

Let's take it down a level now to those still rare, but not-quite-extravagant and regular first-class offers on Etihad. These are called the First Apartment on Airbus A380s and First Suites on other models. We will focus on the First Apartment here.


Bernie Leighton (AirlineReporter. com) flew from Abu Dhabi to Sydney a few months ago in a First Apartment. "Etihad markets the apartment as 'your private universe' and it's very private, but it's also huge," he said.

While he and two friends "were killing a bottle of Etihad's usual rosé Champagne, we realized there were three of us in an apartment with a ton of space for all of us. Surprisingly, if you sit on the throne you cannot see the doors from some angles. It's lonely at the top, and that's the best thing ever. "

When it's time to go to sleep in the First Apartment, you will be provided with natural linens, pillow shapes, and pulse point oil along with some of the more common amenities. James Hogan, chief executive of Etihad Aviation Group, thinks that "airlines have become too similar to airlines and not quite like hotels.

We want to create more of a boutique hotel experience. "Hence the Poltrona Frau leather seat (the same material found on high-end cars such as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo), a separate chaise longue that converts into an 80.5-inch bed, a wardrobe, a vanity, and a refrigerated minibar.

Etihad airways provides comfort at its best. Pixabay

Vogue calls "one of the most enticing in-flight services of any airline:" Hitting the call button for a mid-air martini could become a thing of the past "When passengers have their own beverage for beverages, wine and spirits included. Another plus: the apartments can be combined to create a two-bed option.

Regarding the service, Jo Karnagha (frugalfirstclasstravel. com) says: "Every time I wake up, my bed is taken away without me asking. I feel like an honored guest, whose need is foreseen."

Ben Schlappig (onemileatatime. com), said his seat on a flight from Abu Dhabi to London was "comfortable… and words can't do justice to how beautiful the cabin is. "He points out that Etihad is the only airline that has a single aisle configuration on the A380. And he loved the showers.

Food and wine

Meals are prepared by an onboard chef who can create "off-menu" items. Karnaghan says "I love the food and wine on Etihad. For me, it sets a standard that other premium airlines can learn from.

From the onboard chef to advise you on meal and drink options, or to make you something not exactly on the menu, to meal choices and dining options at any given time, everything I seek is a big hit."

In a post about the best first-class meals on AFAR, an online travel magazine Lots of intercontinental connections with Etihad.

Meals are prepared by an onboard chef who can create "off-menu" items. Pixabay

Etihad Airways flights are numerous, just think that the company carries out more than 1,000 a week, embracing all continents, consequently it is a real point of reference for those who need to make intercontinental travel.

From Asia to Australia, from America to the Middle East, the travel options offered by Etihad Airways are truly many.

Etihad Airways: a company of great prestige

Etihad Airways flights are very interesting not only for their variety but also because this company has proven to offer very high-quality standards which imply high levels of satisfaction from the many customers.

To date, the Arab airline has in fact received 30 international awards, including the Skytrax "five stars" and, on several occasions, the World's Leading Airline.

Great quality at a competitive price

It is clear that Etihad Airways is not a low-cost airline, but this does not at all mean that advantageous Etihad Airways flight offers cannot be identified: many proposals of this company from the United Arab Emirates, on the contrary, are characterized by a very attractive price where it is related to the type of connection proposed and the comfort that is guaranteed on board.

If you are wondering why to buy Etihad Airways flights you must first consider the great variety of connections that this company from the United Arab Emirates offers.

Great quality at a competitive price. Pixabay

A large number of flights with Etihad

Etihad Airways is a very valuable point of reference for particularly long journeys, especially of an intercontinental type, and the company's aircraft serve thousands and thousands of travelers every day in the name of the best quality.

Etihad Airways flights cover all continents, so it is really difficult not to be able to identify, among the proposals of this important company, a connection that is right for you.

An attractive price-quality ratio

Etihad Airways is a scheduled airline able to satisfy very demanding travelers, so it is clear that we are not talking about a low-cost airline. Despite this, however, the value for money that Etihad Airways is able to guarantee is highly competitive, and this is another reason for choosing to travel with this company.

There is no shortage of particularly advantageous Etihad Airways flight offers: search for the best cheap flight with Skyscanner and fly almost free with Etihad Airways!

An authentic guarantee of reliability

Etihad Airways is a top-level airline at an international level, a brand considered worldwide as a true guarantee of professionalism and safety, and this can only be another reason to choose Etihad Airways flights without hesitation.

The blazon of this company, together with the great comfort that its aircraft can offer and the high quantity of connections made available, makes it an excellent choice able to fully satisfy even the most stringent needs. Millions of travelers choose Etihad Airways every year and are fully satisfied with it.

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