Tips To Prepare For The Canara Bank PO Exam

Tips To Prepare For The Canara Bank PO Exam

By Punit

Every year, lakhs of people try their luck to crack the exam because the Canara bank PO exam is lucrative and takes one's career on the right path. But most people are unable to crack it due to a lack of confidence. Although competitive exams are difficult, it is not impossible to do so. It is the right mindset along with preparation that can help you crack the exam.

Now, as we talk about tips to prepare for the Canara bank PO exams and upcoming government exams, it is not necessary that you join tutorials to crack them. You can do it at home also if you do it the right way. In this article, we will talk about easy and effective tips to prepare for the Canara Bank PO exam to help you clear the exam.

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Understand The Syllabus

When it comes to acing the exams, it is important to understand that each bank exam is different. Let's say, you have prepared for an SBI exam, you cannot think the Canara bank exam will consist of the same rules and syllabus too. They change. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the rules and the syllabus before you proceed.

The Canara Bank PO exam consists of four sections and it carries 200 marks and you are allotted 2 hours. So, along with foolproof preparation, managing your time is also important to ensure you solve every question asked in the question paper. The four sections are English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Awareness. Each section will carry 50 marks and apart from English, all the other sections are bilingual.

Study your syllabus carefully. Pixabay

How To Prepare For English

When it comes to English preparation, you need to tackle three segments, which include Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension. Other tips to help you prepare for the English section include;

  • When it comes to preparing for English, learning the basics are important and the basics in English is grammar. You don't have to dig too deep, but understand the main grammar topics as they will help you with your exam. From active and passive voice to error spotting, familiarize yourself with grammar rules.
  • Your vocabulary is a must to crack the English exam. How to improve vocabulary? Learn new words every day, read the newspaper, and start reading books with strong English Language. Once you learn a new word, form sentences with the words and write them down in your notebook.
  • Practice a different set of questions every day.

How To Prepare For Reasoning

As the name suggests, reasoning is all about your logical abilities. It tests your analyzing and decision-making skills.

The reasoning is all about your logical abilities. Pixabay

  • Classification, Analogy, Distance and Directions, Blood Relations, etc. are non-descriptive topics and it is important you become thorough in the first. They are not as tough as the other sections.
  • Practice multiple parameter based questions
  • Learn to make diagrams or flowcharts
  • Study the books and online blogs related to reasoning
  • Make sure you learn to think critically by visualizing the problem

How To Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude

This section tests your problem-solving and mathematical skills.

  • Memorize the formulas. To make it easier, keep a separate notebook for all the formulas and revise them as you go.
  • Start solving questions on Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Time, Speed and Distance, and more as they are tricky and you will have to dedicate more time towards them.
  • Go through the sample problems step-by-step. This will help you analyze the problem.
  • Keep practicing. When it comes to mathematics, practice is what will make you perfect.

How To Prepare for General Awareness

Always be updated with current affairs. Pixabay

When it comes to general awareness, it talks about current affairs and everything that's happening across the globe. To prepare for this subject, you must;

  • Prepare static GK, which means, the general knowledge facts that don't change with time. For instance, when we take a look at the historical facts, you know they remain the same. But, when it comes to the President or the Prime Minister of the country, they keep changing.
  • Refer to previous papers and see the kind of general awareness questions you get.
  • Read the newspapers and watch news channels regularly.
  • Make sure you learn all about banking awareness.
  • Revise regularly.

Other Tips to Help You Prepare

  • Always stick to the syllabus as now is not the time to venture as time is precious. Let's say, you are reading about something and you find the topic interesting. But the advanced knowledge is unnecessary for the exam. Now, wasting time means you lag behind. So, manage your time well.
  • Time management is a must and we have mentioned it multiple times in this article because you will need to manage your time to study well and also to make sure you finish your exam on time. So, take mock tests, which you complete in the given time frame.
  • Have a timetable. Without a study plan, you won't be able to navigate correctly. With a study plan, you just have to do things mentioned in the plan and it keeps away any anxiety that exams usually bring.
  • Your timetable or study plan must be realistic and you must be able to cover all the topics.
  • If the time is less, start with the strong subjects, then the subjects that are neutral, and then move on to subjects you are weak in but are easy and keep the subjects you are weak in, which are also difficult at last.
  • Have a separate notebook to note down all the important points. Also, make notes. Don't simply study. Notes will help you revise easily and writing things down makes sure you don't forget them easily.

Prepare well and follow all the tips. You will be able to crack the Canara bank PO exam.

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