Youtube Sensation Jannat Zubair To Debut In Punjabi Film ‘Kulche Chole’

Youtube Sensation Jannat Zubair To Debut In Punjabi Film ‘Kulche Chole’

YouTube sensation Jannat Zubair and Dilraj Grewal, who recently launched his single 'Laali' under the YRF Digital and Saga Music Collaboration, are all set to mark their debut with the upcoming Punjabi film titled 'Kulche Chole'. The film is under the banner of Saga Studios and is produced by Sumeet Singh. The shoot is underway in Amritsar. The cast and crew of the film paid their respects at the Holy Golden Temple before commencing the film's shoot.

The makers released the title poster of the film on Saturday, and it looks all things flavourful, tangy, and with a fine tempering of new and promising cast. The film has boarded one of the finest teams from the film industry.

It is being directed by Simranjit Hundal, who has previously directed films like '25 Kille', 'Nanka Mela', 'Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De' and other great films too. The film's producer, Sumeet Singh, said: "I just want to entertain the audiences. If everyone takes the same path, then how can we offer new things to our audiences? Jannat and Dilraj are brilliant actors. They deserve all the good things."

"I'm just a source, I can offer a platform, and the rest is their hard work. I believe in my team, and this film will be like a breath of fresh air." The film is all set to release in 2022. The music will be released under Saga Music, Saga Studios' in-house music label. (IANS/ MBI)

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