How to Effectively Prepare for the NEET Exam

Reduce the number of unnecessary distractions in your life
Reduce the number of unnecessary distractions in your life

By- Monika Rao

Those wishing to practice medicine in the nation must first take the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Candidates who pass the NEET exam have a better chance of getting into India's medical and dentistry institutions. When taking the NEET examination, it is critical for applicants to put their best foot forward. Follow the ideas below on how to prepare for NEET 2022 to assist students in their NEET preparation. The purpose of this guide is to provide applicants with crucial and efficient concepts and techniques for passing the forthcoming NEET examination. Don't forget to refer to NEET Subject and Chapter Wise Weightage, to have a clarity-driven NEET preparation.

Tips to Effectively Prepare for the NEET Exam

  1. Comprehend the challenging concepts: Mark out the topics in each chapter that you find challenging during studying. Spend extra time reviewing these topics and answering questions based on them. In the last days leading up to the exam, write down complicated formulas and read them over and over again for better retention and memorization.
  2. Make your own study styles: We all study in different ways. Some students prefer to learn using pictures and flowcharts, while others try to apply principles to real-life situations. To pass the NEET examination, choose whatever method works best for you. Here are a few techniques that we believe are really effective.
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a) Create mnemonics to help you remember challenging topics and themes like organism categorization, scientific names for animals and plants, and so on.

For example, the Krebs cycle (citric acid cycle, tricarboxylic acid cycle) should be remembered in the following way- Citrate – Aconitate – Isocitrate – Oxalosuccinate – a-Ketoglutarate – Succinate – Fumarate – Malate – Oxaloacetate

For better retention, make catchy phrases that are easy to recall. Here are two popular phrases for remembering Kerb's Cycle.

With the help of this sentence- 'Caesar's Armies Invaded Other Kingdoms Searching For Many Oranges', you can immediately recall- 'Citric Acid Is One Key Substrate For Mitochondrial Oxidation. This strategy of learning will help you memorize and retain concepts in a fun way and will help you fetch more marks in the NEET exam.

Reduce the number of unnecessary distractions in your lifeUnsplash

b) Make mind maps of the chapter you just finished reading, trying to include as many details as possible. This will assist you in putting together a study plan.

  1. Concentrate on the NCERT curriculum: The NEET exam follows the NCERT curriculum and it features well-researched information, and they are used to answer a significant number of exam questions. Keep track of the paper pattern and the weighting of each chapter in your textbook to ensure that you've studied all of the key points.
  2. Practice with sample exams and question papers from past years: Examiners have been recognized to maintain a consistent degree of difficulty over the years of the NEET examination. Attempting questions from past years can give you an idea of what to predict for the exam and how well you could score. Mock tests are created at a little higher level than real tests. During the few days before the exam, use these to enhance your time management abilities.
  3. Examine your errors and get answers to your doubtful questions: Taking practice tests isn't enough, you must go back and identify where you went wrong, and either use reference books or your lecturers to explain those concepts. This will assist you in progressing and preventing you from repeating the same blunders.
  4. Reduce the number of unnecessary distractions in your life: In the days leading up to the exam, time management is crucial. Pick a stress-relieving activity and stay with it for the next several days. This will assist you in saying no to unnecessary contacts with peers and family, as well as any other types of amusement (Movies, Social Media, TV shows, etc.).
  5. Eat well and get adequate rest: You don't want to squander years of preparation by becoming unwell on exam day. Make sure you eat nutritious, home-cooked meals. Sleep is also essential because it allows your brain to rest. You will feel rejuvenated and perform better after a restful night's sleep.

What should you do if you're taking an exam?

  1. Start with your most difficult subject: This is advantageous from a strategic standpoint. You will gain confidence in yourself when you come to the more difficult questions if you start with your stronger topic. You will be more calm and patient when the going gets tough since you will know you did well in a certain portion of the NEET syllabus.
  2. Don't attempt it if you don't know the answer: If you don't know the answer to a question, go on to the next one to prevent losing marks unnecessarily. By not attempting to guess, you will save time. Furthermore, NEET carries a negative marking scheme and you will lose marks if your guessed answer is wrong.
  3. Maintain your composure during the exam: When you don't know the answer to a question during the exam, be cool and take a deep breath. Consider all of your preparation and all of the times you've excelled in tests, and convince yourself that today will be no different.

In conclusion, the NEET exam can be cleared if you make the NEET preparation simpler for you. There is no hidden secret to clear any competitive exam, all it takes to clear NEET is to start implementing everything that will help you clear the exam and stop doing things that will prevent you from acing the exam. Consistency and hard work are your best friends that will help you clear the exam. Believe in yourself and find your reason behind appearing in the NEET exam.

Follow these guidelines in the days leading up to the exam and until you exit the examination venue, don't lose hope; be confident in your capabilities and your preparation for the NEET exam. The efficiency of your learning process is determined by your mindset. It will not help you learn if you have a bad attitude and if you are constantly telling yourself that you can't do it. A pessimistic attitude will make things more difficult and when you begin to think positively, your brain will become more creative. You'll feel less nervous and more receptive to new ideas if you have the appropriate mentality. All the best to all the NEET exam candidates!

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