Safemoon Sinks as HUH Token Rises – White Paper Reveal

HUH Token
HUH Token

HUH Token could be the next big competitor for Safemoon. The previous several months haven't been kind to Safemoon. Investors are apprehensive about Safemoon's performance. This implies Safemoon's future is not as bright as it was in April. HUH Token is due to be released on the 6th of December and has already received an influx of deposits, enough to cause backlogs in their receipt delivery. Today however, is the release of its whitepaper!

Shiba Inu is another coin that has performed well since its debut in August. Experts have pitted Safemoon against many other coins, with a lot of declarations of cryptocurrencies being the next 'Safemoon.' Despite a jump in mid-May, Safemoon's next period of positive growth occurred around the end of October.

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Another point that crypto experts have emphasized in terms of Safemoon coin's competitiveness is the lack of speed with which items are released. Only the Safemoon token has been published since its inception. All additional Safemoon products are still in the works.

Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, which features an automated buyback and burning procedure, Safemoon is burned manually. As a result, the regulation of Safemoons token liquidity is less transparent.

A coin that can truly compete with this luna asset is HUH Token. Their white paper is over twenty pages long and is written with a shocking amount of depth. Here is a small summary of part of their aims and design:

HUH Token

HUH Goals

HUH Tokens envisions a society in which everyone benefits from the data created – whether via social media, music, photographs, sound, or other kinds of expression – because all of these types of expression generate influence. HUH Token believes that influence is a currency to be shared for the greater good, not profit.

HUH is the world's first 'UTIMEME,' a cryptocurrency that combines the strength of tokenomics with the usefulness of utility to fuel fast development.

The HUH token will serve as the foundation for transactions and incentives throughout a meaningful social network in which users' data ownership is handled primarily from a cryptocurrency standpoint.


The rise of open-source decentralized 'meme' cryptocurrencies has smashed records and eclipsed some of the most long-standing 'utility' cryptocurrencies. Most of these tokens lack more refined use cases, and many of them gradually lose momentum after the novelty has worn off. At HUH, the core principles that make meme tokens so effective have been examined alongside the cause-and-effect relationships often linked with a utility tokens lifespan. The HUH Token combines these ideas to produce the world's first "UTIMEME" cryptocurrency. A token designed with the tokenomics of a meme cryptocurrency but with the obvious use of a utility token, as well as a complete harmonic ecosystem that provides a plethora of growth options.

The Design

Influence exists when there is social interaction; influence is a currency, and that currency is HUH.

Each HUH Token represents a real-time delivery mechanism that re-compounds HUH Tokens in their wallets. The precise quantity of re-distribution is determined by a number of parameters and may be tracked in real-time on the HUH Dashboard. Furthermore, there is a referral incentive system that allows anybody to hold HUH tokens, whether they are in a bustling city like New York or a tiny farming village with internet access.

The MetHUH is a social network that will allow social influencers to communicate with one another and with businesses who wish to collaborate with them without the need for a middleman. Social influencers have their own "Influence Points," which are used to calculate each social influencer's overall presence on the MetHUH platform. The more Influence Points an influencer obtains, the more valuable their minted NFT's will be. These non-digital items are "minted" using blockchain technology, which establishes property rights over them.

HUH is the next development of a yield-generating contract. HUH compensates the HUH token owning community by redistributing HUH using a revolutionary technique known as reflection. The smart contract augments a static rewards system by incentivizing its network members to keep the HUH token, reducing the danger of significant price variations due to market movements.

The prelaunch is closing imminently with the current offer of 35% extra Tokens for any individuals who makes a deposit over $1000.00. Please always take your time to research thoroughly and only invest what you can afford to lose. This article is not financial advice.

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