With these hairstyles, you’ll be the centre of attention

With these hairstyles, you’ll be the centre of attention

With the holidays just around the horizon, your calendars are undoubtedly already jam-packed with exciting invites, but your wardrobe isn't. What is the solution? Improve your hair game; it's nearly free. With these red carpet-worthy looks given by Adhuna, Founder and Creative Director of BBLUNT, you may resurrect your hair from dull, ordinary, traditional, done-to-death hairstyles and stand out from the crowd!

Bob the Faux

Using a wide-tooth comb, detangle your towel-dried hair. Apply a generous quantity of curl defining cream to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, working your way up to the roots.

Spray heat spray all over your hair. Curl your hair completely from top to bottom in sections.

Above and below your ears, separate your hair into two portions. Backcomb the roots of the bottom section of your hair using a teaser brush. Take the end of your hair, twist it, and roll it towards your neck's nape. To keep the hair in place, use bobby pins.

Allow the top hair to fall over the neck and provide texture. Finish the bob by wrapping bits of your long hair around a u-pin and fastening it into the nape's volume. Continue doing this until all of your long hair is pinned up and you have a bob silhouette.

Braid of Flowers

Flowery designs are really popular, but floral hair is not. Appearance at this flower braid hairstyle for a pleasant and exquisite look in only a few minutes.

Two short portions of hair from each sides should be twisted from the roots and tied into a ponytail using a translucent elastic band.

Each ponytail should be braided all the way to the bottom. If the braids aren't thick enough, remove larger portions of hair from both sides.

Take two braids and twist them together to form a bun. To get a larger look, keep the top of the braids towards the outer circle and the bottom of the braids towards the centre.

The Triple Topsy Tail is a creature with three tails.

A topsy tail is a lovely hairstyle that uses only one ponytail. Consider how stunning it would be if we utilised three.
Apply Hot Shot Heat Protect spray to your hair and form light curls throughout.

Divide your hair into three rows and use clear elastic bands to tie each row into a loose low ponytail. To maintain the next stages in your hair, use the hotshot hold spray.

Make a pocket with your fingers above the highest ponytail and flip all three ponytails through it. Pull the hair tighter and smoother to tighten and smooth out the twists.

Add some tiny pearls to the twists to complete the design. (IANS/PR)

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