A HUH Token And Safemoon Review: A Crypto Boycott

A HUH Token And Safemoon Review: A Crypto Boycott

Ever get the feeling that the whispers on the internet are true? And that the misspelt, poor grammatical endeavour and sheer disregard to the laws of syntax Reddit posts, could, in fact, be on to something? That the cryptocurrency market is nothing but a new wheel spin for the sickeningly rich to benefit from the hopeful?

Me too, and that's why, when I became a presale holder of HUH Token and Safemoon I was less than thrilled with what went down… but you might be shocked by what I mean by that statement.

No, I didn't get the rug pulled from under me by the kingpins of crypto, in some dramatic, movie-like flee with my money to the far-flung corners of the world… nor did I experience an unfortunately named 'radio silence' from their teams… I simply become one of many that felt the backlash of yet another scam rumour and a decrease in value.

When will people realise that by dragging a name through the mud, they drag the value of the crypto down for those, poorly phrased, 'poor suckers who invested? Being one of these 'poor suckers' myself, I'd like to explain, in a simple review, my experience with HUH Token and Safemoon and why a few gone-off grapes want to ruin it for the rest of us…

Refuse To Read The Forums

I, in good faith, after doing my research into countless cryptocurrencies (which is advised), I landed, quite firmly on HUH Token and Safemoon… some time apart from one another, however, with very similar experiences through what appears to be no fault of the cryptocurrency market, but the influence people have on the sway of altcoins these days. Bad press flew around from all angles, whispers of scams, rug pulls… whatever negative connotation could be assigned to these cryptocurrencies, has been and with it the devaluation of the currency… at least for a short while.

And it seems, that despite my and many others, countless efforts to speak out on our positive experience with these currencies ourselves, our words and sentiment are swallowed by the crypto community beast (as it were). Though, as the fog slowly lifts and the end of the turbulent first months of a cryptocurrency is drawing to a close, it's clear to see the proof in the pudding, and I for one, am pleased to be a holder of HUH Token and Safemoon.

If you're looking to invest in a cryptocurrency company then HUH Token or Safemoon could be for you, but remember to you research and look around. It's easy to be swept up by good and bad words, so forming your own opinion is best… if you want more information on cryptocurrencies (HUH Token) you can click the links below.

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