Samoyedcoin and HUH Token – Canine Coin History And Future Metaverse Projects

Samoyedcoin and HUH Token – Canine Coin History And Future Metaverse Projects

Samoyedcoin is one of the many meme tokens created in 2021 that draw inspiration from the most famous canine coin of them all, Dogecoin. HUH Token was introduced toward the end of 2021 in December. HUH Token has its own functionality as a stand-alone token as well as being a part of a larger project called the MetHUH.

Samoyedcoin and HUH Token are both experiencing a downward trend in price that could be attributed to the bearish market trend showing itself across the entire market. However, all crypto projects will be hopeful that the bullish trend returns sooner rather than later so they can see a recovery in market price.

Samoyedcoin and HUH Token experienced a similar trend in pricing at one point during their existence.

Samoyedcoin, in a short timeframe, saw an incredible rise in value after the surge of canine coins following Dogecoin's example. Shiba Inu saw such an increase that it surpassed Dogecoin in trading volume at one point.

Samoyedcoin may not have achieved such heights but still experienced a significant increase in market value. This allowed them to explore different cryptocurrency routes with the funding they received.

HUH Token launched during a bearish trend for the rest of the market. Following the rapid decrease in Bitcoin's trading volume, almost every other Altcoin followed a similar trend.

HUH Token not only launched at this time but also defied the decline shown elsewhere in the crypto market. The token experienced a price increase, surpassing 4500% in a short amount of time, marking a successful launch.

HUH Token was quick to surpass $1 million in trading volume and held that position for a few days, according to PancakeSwap. This will in, no small part, support the token's long term project, creating the MetHUH.

This is their relation to the metaverse, a social platform that reflects the efforts of the content creators. Rewards will be distributed depending on the engagement a creator receives. This incentivises unique and exciting content while rewarding those creating it. An NFT marketplace on their website is also mentioned as a future goal, showing that HUH Token intends to join the new technological wave.

Samoyedcoin continues to be the mascot of the Solana network, which has had an unfortunate time recently being the victim of two separate DDOS attacks. However, as the Solana ecosystem grows, there is a chance that the Samoyedcoin meme token will regain some of its former glory.

HUH Token will push forward with its projects. As more developments are made, they could see a new price increase that may surpass its previous peak with significant uptake of this new rewarding social media platform and the NFT marketplace. An early investment into this project could reward those who believe in it later down the line.

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