Get Those Perfect Curls

Follow a few simple steps to get the right curls:

Get Those Perfect Curls
Get Those Perfect Curls. Pixabay

Some love straight hair and others want curls that make their hair look bouncy and voluminous. From sprays to straighteners, use hair products to get bouncy curls.

Follow a few simple steps to get the right curls:

– Start with a volume shampoo and conditioner to give your locks a little bit of oomph.

– Use a volume spray on your tresses. You’re going to be using a bit of heat to create this look. If your hair tends to sway to the frizzy side, you may want to apply a smoothing formula so you end up with sleek curls.

Representational image.
Representational image. Pixabay

– Use a straightener to create looks like these.

– Section hair and starting from the root and twist the straightener around the hair, curling away from the face.

– Do this all over.

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– Run your fingers through the curls to separate them, and then use your fingers to help shape the front how you like it.

– Spray plenty of hairspray to ensure they stay put all day or all night.

– A bit of backcombing around the crown will help to give a sexy bouffant look that is very sultry. (Bollywood Country)


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