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Representation of Dragon in several mythological texts. Wikimedia Commons
  • The real dragons in Tibet video showed dead dragon is actually a sculpture
  • The skeptical behavior of Researchers about the idea of dragons is due to their giant structure because they are too giant to fly
  • In several mythologies, Dragons are considered protectors, other times teachers, guardians, or even villains

Sept 12, 2016: Last month in August, a YouTube video that featured a monolithic dragon corpse, went viral on the social media and it was shared by Radio Valley 99, a radio station in Bhutan, which attracted millions of people and once again made people think of dragons in Tibet. The Concept of Dragon has always been a topic of fascination for the people around the world. Could this video be the evidence of real dragons in the Tibet?

If we turn pages back to the history there have been clues about dragons in ancient texts. “Dainel was said to kill a dragon in the apocryphal chapters of the Bible’’. Nevertheless, ancient civilizations have depicted them, believing that they were like any exotic animal. Apparently, dragons were thought to be useful and protective but when Christianity spread, people started to see them in a new light. There are even explanations in artworks drawn by ancient civilizations from long ago. So dragon’s existence have always been a question for the world?

Architechture representing Dragon. Pixabay

If this video is true, could this change the course of science and history books all over the world?

In ancient times real dragons in Tibet existed in myths as a symbol of power and fortune. Scientists even do not completely disagree with the concept of dragons but they are not considered as real as dinosaurs who walked the earth millions of years ago. The skeptical behavior of Researchers about the idea of dragons is due to their giant structure because they are too giant to fly.

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This leads us back to the alleged Real Dragons in Tibet. Is any of it real? Let us find out!

The real dragons in Tibet video itself showed dead dragon that is actually a sculpture. We have to give the artists some credit. With a dragon that looks that realistic, anyone could’ve been fooled! The dragon was a sculpture but it got a lot of attention from netizens, mentioned report.

As to the truth behind the incident of a dragon that fell from the sky in Tibet, Snopes, a website known for debunking hoaxes, claimed that video was nothing but fake.

The real dragon found is actually just a sculpture created for a TV show in Spain titled Cuatro Milenio, featuring myths and creatures of legends.

Dragons appear in mythologies of almost all countries around the world. Sometimes they’re protectors, other times teachers, guardians, or even villains. Regardless of the legitimacy of the video, dragons have always been a fascinating creature. They are still a wonder for the human mind hence people continue imagining them in books and movies alike. Fanatics of dragons will have to please their curiosity with Targaryen dragons on the Game of Thrones series for now! Real or not, dragons will never stop capturing our imagination.

– prepared by Aakash Mandyal of News Gram


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