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Good governance and its significance

Aiming to build a better India, 25th December is going to be observed as ‘good governance day’ across the country.

In a bid to move ahead in its development trajectory, the NDA-led government stressed on ‘good governance’ as one of it key policies.

The basic idea of providing good governance was put forward by none another than the towering statesman Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Commemorating his birthday on 25th December, the government decided to observe the day as ‘good governance day’.

“Mere good governance is not enough; it has to be pro-people and pro-active. Good governance is putting people at the center of the development process.” Narendra Modi said.

Indian politics is ruled by religion, cast and individual character. And this stereotype seems to continue.

The issue of governance always took a back seat in the agenda of the Indian politicians. They only pledged to do welfare for the people but never explained how they would do that.  The pledges never saw the light of the day.

However, following Narendra Modi’s assumption to power, the word ‘governance’ came to light.

Governance does not mean the GDP growth but providing a basic amenity to the people.

What people want is good governance and it should be pro-people.

Another crucial feature of good governance is that it ensures Transparency & Accountability.

While transparency helps in putting the exact picture in front of the people, accountability ensures that the people in the administration remains answerable for their activities. If transparency and accountability are ensured then a citizen friendly government can flourish.

Moreover, it promotes community confidence as people will know that the administration will work for the betterment of the society regardless of their differences in their opinion.

Good governance also features rule of law. There should be a fair and logical legal framework which should be implemented by an impartial, practical regulatory body. Law enforcers should befriend and not be a feared entity.

Responsiveness: Society has a plethora of problems. People stay calm when their problems are addressed. There should redressal cell and the administration should be speedy in resolving problems.

Effectiveness and efficiency: The government should be effective in implementing policies and efficient enough to have a vigil over the whole thing. People must feel that the government is pro-active and the society is progressing towards becoming a developed economy.

However, it is not up to the government to take up all the responsibility to provide good governance. Good governance is by the people and for the people. Active participation in the governance and following the decorum bolsters the endeavor of good governance.

Without the people’s participation, the idea of good governance is like establishing a utopian society.



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