Government boosts LPG subsidy as 1.46 lakh consumers opt for PAHAL scheme

By Newsgram Staff Writer

New Delhi : An exodus of 1.46 lakh consumers from the subsidized LPG scheme has enabled the government to enhance subsidy on LPG cylinders.

As per the new initiatives under the PAHAL scheme, beneficiaries will have to buy LPG cylinders at the market price and the subsidized amount will be reimbursed in their bank accounts.

Consumers under this scheme can link their Adhaar number to their LPG consumer number and bank account or they can link their bank account directly to their LPG consumer ID.

Consumers who haven’t joined the scheme will be given a three months grace period for the same, followed by a three month parking period. While LPG cylinders could be bought at subsidized prices in the grace period, consumers will have to pay the market price during the parking period and the subsidy will be kept parked with OMCs. This parked subsidy will be released as soon as consumer joins the scheme.  cartridge-160415_640

The availability of Piped Natural Gas(PNG) and electronic cooking devices, which are less cumbersome, easily assessable and cheaper than LPG cylinder could have led to the move away from LPG and thus the subsidy along with it.