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Green initiative? Indian Railways to produce 1,000 MW Solar energy

Indian Railway. Pixabay

New Delhi, March 9, 2017: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said on Thursday that the Railways had taken several green initiatives and would produce 1,000 MW solar energy.

Addressing a function to mark signing of Letters of Intent by Railway Ministry with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to formalise joint cooperation in environmental conservation, he said the priority of Railways was to reduce carbon footprints.

“Railway is already taking several green initiatives and is going to produce 1,000 MW solar energy. This joint co-operation will help Indian Railways in its green objectives,” he said.

Representatives of Indian Railways and UNEP signed and exchanged Letters of Intent.

UNEP Executive Director Erik Solheim said that the focus of the partnership was on three main areas – waste management, reduction in water consumption and sustainable public procurement.

Officials said that Indian Railways, which carries 23 million passengers every day, has taken a number of steps towards water management, energy conservation, solid waste management and green buildings. (IANS)

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Palestinians Inaugurates First Solar Plant to Reduce Dependence on Israeli Power Sources

Palestinian workers install solar panels at Khan Younis Waste Water Treatment Plant, in the southern Gaza Strip

solar plant
Palestinian workers install solar panels at Khan Younis Waste Water Treatment Plant, in the southern Gaza Strip July 31, 2018. Picture taken July 31, 2018. VOA

Palestinian officials say they have inaugurated their first solar panel plant as part of a plan to reduce their dependence on Israeli power sources.

Mohammed Mustafa, head of the government’s investment fund, says that Tuesday’s plant opening in the ancient West Bank city of Jericho is one of four planned plants. One has been donated from China.

Solar plant
Workers install photovoltaic solar panels at the Gujarat solar park under construction in Charanka village in Patan district of the western Indian state of Gujarat, India. VOA

He says the Palestinians rely almost entirely on power imported from Israel and the new plants are part of a long-term project to reduce that by 50% over the next decade. He says the four panel stations should cover about 30% of Palestinian power consumption.

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Mustafa says the West Bank consumes about $700 million a year in electricity. (VOA)