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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Yields Great Learning: Chandra Wilson

Actor Chandra Wilson, has been associated with the medical drama since its inception in 2005


It’s been 14 years since “Grey’s Anatomy” made its way to the small screen, and won hearts by narrating complex journey of medics while tackling complex issues. Actor Chandra Wilson, who has been associated with the medical drama since its inception in 2005, says the long run of the show has unfolded many opportunities to learn and grow for people associated with showbiz.

“As an early and a new actor, you always kind of dream of doing TV series at some point of time. When ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ came along my way, that was one of the last things on my list of things as an actress that I had done yet. So, I came from a place where all the jobs were same with same level of learning and same level of credibility, whether it is theatre, TV or films,” Wilson told IANS.

“What I have been able to do on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is a great example of longevity, example of someone who can be in one role and continue to learn and grow and someone who can give back as a result in being that position,” she added.


“By bringing in other directors to learn from us. Actors have an opportunity to learn from our journey, writers have a responsibility to learn about writing on a long running series. We have been able to provide lots of opportunity along the way because we had been able to be here for so long,” pointed out the actress, who essays role of Dr Miranda Bailey on the show.

With fictitious Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the backdrop, Shonda Rhimes-created “Grey’s Anatomy”, which airs in India on Zee Cafe and streams on Hotstar, made its debut in March in 2005, and has attained the status of TV’s longest-running primetime medical drama. It has been renewed for season 16 and season 17 with actress Ellen Pompeo along with other original cast members set to reprise their popular characters.

Greys Anatomy
Surgical interns and their supervisors embark on a medical journey where they become part of heart-wrenching stories and make life-changing decisions in order to become the finest doctors.

The main premise of the show is to navigate the lives of surgical interns and doctors as they develop into seasoned doctors, while trying to balance their personal lives. That’s an outer surface of the story as the show delves into deeper themes like diversity, domestic violence, same-sex relationship and transgender characters.

“We always try to show (things) as what they really are. When it was first introduced, people said that ‘it is the hospital which I have gone to’ because people looked familiar. We wanted to show how they are as opposed to how someone may want them to be…So, you are going to see diversity as part of the hospital because that is the nature of the hospital. (We have been) true to that so that people are familiar with the show… They feel like this hospital is someplace where they have been or someplace where they would go,” said the Texas native, who has directed several episodes since season six of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

For Wilson, “Grey’s Anatomy” is first and foremost a medical drama.

“A drama that talks about surgeons and their journey to become the best surgeon. We tell a story of people constantly trying to get better, grow and learn. My character is also still growing and learning,” said the Emmy nominated actress.

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How do you envision the show wrapping up the long run?

“We ask this question all the time, and we have no idea. We decided to wait till its time and when we feel it is time then we will figure out how it will end,” she said, while signing off. (IANS)



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