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Guide To Style Sneakers As Per The Occasion

Tips to look the best with your Sneakers

With the harsh summer sun retreating and making way for the lovely fall breeze, it is time to update your fall wardrobe. Autumn is the season of brunches, picnics, and basking in the glory of love and celebration. With several festivities lined up, we’re sure your calendar is already fully packed with multiple outings and events. However, choosing the perfect ensemble every single time can be a little hard on the nerves, and more so in the case of footwear. Everybody wants to pick a pair that is high on both fashion and comfort, and this where your regular pair of heels just don’t cut it. Well, we have a simple but creative solution for you. We are talking about sneakers here! The metamorphosis that sneakers have gone through in the last couple of years is nothing short of revolutionary. From being known as exclusively ‘activewear’ or ‘workout wear’, sneakers have sneakily (yes, pun intended!), nudged their way into all occasions in our lives. From casual wear to formal wear, to even your pretty sundresses, sneakers work remarkably with every outfit.

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Matteo Lambert, Chief Collection Officer, Bata India Limited, guides you better in styling sneakers for every occasion. Here are a few tips from him:

For the family picnics

Family picnics call for a laid-back and relaxed look. Go for a casual polka-pot dress in red or orange to match the fall scenery, and don a pair of chunky white sneakers to complete your look. White sneakers are a timeless classic and work wonders with polka-dot dresses.

A great way to a classic look is achieved by wearing white sneakers. Unsplash

For Sunday brunches with your girl-gang

Sunday brunches have now become somewhat of a ritual. It is the perfect occasion to get all dressed up and take insta-worthy pictures with your girl gang. For your next brunch, opt for an off-shoulder dress in pastel color and pair it with metallic sneakers. The contrast will enhance your overall look and make you stand out.

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For your next shopping spree

With the festive season approaching soon, you are bound to make multiple trips to the nearest mall to check-off every item on your festive shopping list. You are literally going to be on your toes 9to9, and you will want to ensure you are comfortable while making your way through the long queue of shoppers. Go for a pair of comfortable joggers and a relaxed t-shirt in solid colors like beige or tan. Pair it with solid black sneakers and you are sorted for the entire day. This ensemble will make you look effortlessly stylish and fashion-forward.

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For your next cocktail party

Cocktails are always a heavy-duty affair and there is a lot of pressure on everyone to put their best foot forward. Instead of going all bling and glam, go for a simpler yet impactful approach this time. Bring out that ever so gorgeous LBD, pair it with neon sneakers, paint your pout red, sit back and let the compliments roll in. Neon sneakers will ensure you are the belle of the ball. (IANS)



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