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Gurgaon molestation: Now, what’s in store for Uber


New Delhi: The latest incident of molestation of a woman by a Uber cab driver in Gurgaon may spell fresh trouble for the US-based company and other app-based taxi providers in the national capital, a Delhi government official said on Monday.

“The incident will certainly play on our minds when we go through the details which we had last week asked these companies to submit,” the official said.

Cab service providers like Uber and Ola were asked to provide information and furnish affidavits agreeing to stringent safety norms for women passengers if they wanted their application for license to be considered.

Following the rape of a 25-year-old woman by a cab driver of the Uber taxi company in December last year, the city government had banned all app-based taxi services. However, these cabs continue to ply on city roads.

In the latest incident, a woman from Delhi alleged that Uber cab driver Vinod molested her on Saturday night in Gurgaon’s Sun City area, when she got down from the car to go to a friend’s house.

“The government can’t be seen to be doing nothing. If incidents like these occur again, the public will not spare the government,” the official said.

A meeting between Transport Minister Gopal Rai and representatives of Ola and Uber was held last week.

They had told the minister that they were following the best safety norms. (IANS)




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