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By Harshmeet Singh

The former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh has long been a mercurial figure in the Indian Politics. Never the one who can be kept out of the news, Singh has had his fair share of political controversies in the past. As he gets ready to celebrate his 60th birthday today, NewsGram is bringing to you the top five controversies related to Singh’s career.

Cash for vote scandal

In 2008, a bag filled with cash rocked the floor of the Parliament. The cash for vote scandal took place during the UPA government’s floor test in the Lok Sabha. Singh was charged with arranging the entire scandal and he was later charge-sheeted for the same.

The Clinton Cash

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Written by Peter Schweizer, the Book Clinton Cash alleged that Amar Singh donated a sum ranging between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2008. The donation was made during the ongoing discussions on the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Hilary Clinton’s support for the bill led to it being passed by a huge majority. Her support to the bill was linked to Singh’s donation. Schweitzer mentioned in his book, “If true, that meant Singh had given between 20% and 100% of his entire net worth to the Clinton Foundation!”

Flip flop with Mayawati

In 2008, Singh accused Mayawati, the erstwhile UP CM, of kidnapping six MPs belonging to the Samajwadi Party just before a trust vote in the parliament. The six MPs were later on expelled from the party! While the two have always shared a cold relationship since then, Singh took a u-turn in 2010 when he praised Mayawati as a ‘political personality in her own right’.

Jaya Prada may commit suicide: Amar Singh

Politicians go to any length when it comes to election campaigning. This was Singh’s moment of ‘going to any extent!’

Before the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, while campaigning for Jaya Prada, he said, “If you people do not vote for the bicycle (symbol of Samajwadi Party) and her bicycle does not go to Delhi, then Jaya Prada might commit suicide.”


A CD containing recorded voices of Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh and Shanti Bhushan came out in 2011. During the conversation, Bhushan could be heard saying that they can bribe the judge with Rs 4 crore to get a favorable decision.


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