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Haryana plans First ever International Gita Mahotsav in Kurukshetra this December

The first ever International Gita Mahotsav is organised by the Haryana government in Kurukshetra from December 6 to 10 this year

December 1, 2016: The first ever International Gita Mahotsav is organised by the Haryana government in Kurukshetra from December 6 to 10 this year.

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According to The Indian Express, “Haryana government is aiming to set a world record with the recitation of Ashtadash Shaloki Gita by as many as 18,000 students at one go. It shall also be simultaneously chanted by hundreds of people in countries across the world.”
The mega event will be inaugurated by President Pranab Mukherjee on December 6.

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During the event, from around 574 districts young men and young women will come to Kurukshetra and showcase one shloka each scripted on their dresses.

Haryana CM, Khattar said, “They would also bring along the sand from their respective districts which would be utilised to make an idol of Lord Krishna to symbolise unity and integrity of the country.”

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Khattar said that the main aim of the event is to spread Gita’s eternal message of to the world community. Global chanting of Srimadbhgvad Gita will be held before the final deepdan ceremony at Brahamsarovar in Kurukshetra, from 6 pm to 6:15 pm on Gita Jayanti Day.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, eminent writers, poets, scientists and other personalities shall be invited to the event.

The global chanting will be taking place in India, Bahrain, Canberra-Australia, Paris-France, Vancover-Canada, Hong Kong, Kenya, Kuwait, Jakarta-Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Newzealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, UK, Switzerland, California, Arizona, Chicago and New York in USA.

Haryana CM further added, “Bhagvad Gita is not confined to any particular region, but it gives a universal message of an essence of life to the mankind. International Gita Mahotsav has nothing to do with the issue of promotion of Hinduism.”

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On December 10, that is on Gita Jayanti , a dance drama will be performed on Draupadi in Kurukshetra and renowned Bollywood actress Hema Malini will be performing. The festival will also feature Saras mela and a grand crafts mela on the banks of the Brahamsarover in Kurukshetra.

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