Hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s European network shows signs of crumbling as his Norwegian disciple is also charged

Anjem Choudary (49) also known as Evil Choudary by many, is serving five years for ISIS headhunting

Anjem Choudary to stand trial in November 2016. Wikimedia

September 23, 2016: After one of his disciples from Norway became the country’s first to be charged with terror recruitment, it can be said that jailed hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s European network has begun to disintegrate.

Accused of hiring for Islamic state (ISIS), Islamist Ubaydullah Hussain (31), will stand trial for advising would-be terrorists, purchasing weapons and equipment on their behalf as well as distribute contact information for IS members.

“He denies his guilt,” Hussain’s lawyer John Christian Elden said.

A leading newspaper mentioned that Anjem Choudary (49) also known as Evil Choudary by many, is serving five years for ISIS headhunting, told Norwegian newspaper VG in September 2014 about his connections to the extremist group The Prophet’s Ummah, which Hussain once led.


The Jihadi who is jailed for preaching hatred said, “I know people in The Prophet’s Ummah, especially Ubaydullah Hussain, he is a good friend of mine…He has visited England and I have visited Norway.”

The hate preacher is now serving his time in maximum security Belmarsh Prison in London. What is surprising is that he had even considered moving to Norway, so that he can spread more hate across Scandinavia.

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While being arrested he also said that he has connections in many nations across Europe, but there are no administrative contacts. He also told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that he was a “mentor and advisor” for the Prophet’s Ummah.

According to the indictment in his case, Hussain helped five jihadi fanatics make connections to terrorists and recruited at least two converts to the Islamists’ cause.

Since December last year, in 2015, this hate preacher has also been charged with making travel arrangements for people who either successfully joined or attempted to join ISIS in Syria. He will stand trial in Norway in November 2016.

– prepared by NewsGram Team