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Of course, you haven’t! No one covered it for even a day. And anyway, who covers a Hindu death? They are too many in number, and so, their death isn’t condemnable. And see, the idiot died in Karnataka! He should have died in adjoining states of Bihar where elections are going on.

Even better, he should have got converted to Islam before death, he would have got a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Alas, his name was Prashant Poojary, a flower seller.

This news was shared by a friend on Facebook where a Hindu youth was killed by two assailants who came on a motorcycle, attacked him with sharp weapons and fled. He was a Bajrang Dal activist who campaigned against illegal cow slaughter in Moodbidri area of Mangaluru.

This happened on October 9, the same time when the September 28 lynching of Akhkaq by a Hindu mob was being discussed everywhere in world. Yes, world.

How come another death, with obvious religious angles (as obvious as Dadri lynching) was not even once mentioned in electronic media? How come there was no ‘outrage’ which was speaking of ‘religious intolerance’ and ‘an atmosphere where even people were being killed for petty reasons’ like eating beef?

And Twitter? No secular debate either! When I searched, I couldn’t find a mention from news organisations. Those who mentioned it would easily be classified as Hindu fanatics by the ‘secular’ people of the nation.

Lo and behold! No one returned an award, even the simpler ones like ’employee of the month’ or the likes!

I mean, a Hindu’s murder in broad daylight must have some significance! APPARENTLY, it doesn’t.

Oh, I forgot that Mangaluru is too far from Bihar and Prashant Poojary (29, and dead with a Hindu name) isn’t the kind where people go crazy with outrage. This nation has 80% Hindus, so Hindus should keep dying.

A Hindu being cut to death is natural, even if it is unnatural.

When you search Dadri lynching, you would find Washington Post, NY Times and every Indian media organisation from The Indian Express to Times of India, having tens of stories to show. They have a dedicated Wikipedia page as well. Yes, it moved the world as a Muslim was killed by Hindu mob, you see! How intolerant!

What happens with the search terms ‘Moodbidri killing’? Nothing much, a bunch of sites you have never heard in your whole life would pop up. And of course, there is no Wikipedia page and no Washington Post, NYT, TOI, Indian Express either.

Apparently, murders have types. Quite expectedly, intellectual’s outrage with arguments of ‘suffocation’, ‘intolerance’, ‘secularism’ depends on what type the murder belongs to.

One can understand the confusion of media. Who will they ask to resign? Who will they ask to condemn; then condemn in harsh words; then condemn in the exact words that they want? Who will they ask to speak if the atmosphere in the nation (yes, nation) was being flared up by fanatics of a particular community?

Picture this: There is a 29-year old young man helping his father sell flowers at his shop. Two motorcycle riding guys come, attack him with sharp weapons and flee away as he bleeds to death.

‘Is he a Muslim?’ No! Whatever… Bring me a cup of tea.

‘Is he a Muslim?’ Yes! Let’s go crazy… Let’s bring out a dictionary with heavy words. Let’s study the constitution and talk about it. And then, bring a cup of tea.


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