Heard of Moodbidri killing of Hindu youth on Oct 9?

Of course, you haven’t! No one covered it for even a day. And anyway, who covers a Hindu death? They are too many in number, and so, their death isn’t condemnable. And see, the idiot died in Karnataka! He should have died in adjoining states of Bihar where elections are going on.

Even better, he should have got converted to Islam before death, he would have got a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Alas, his name was Prashant Poojary, a flower seller.

This news was shared by a friend on Facebook where a Hindu youth was killed by two assailants who came on a motorcycle, attacked him with sharp weapons and fled. He was a Bajrang Dal activist who campaigned against illegal cow slaughter in Moodbidri area of Mangaluru.

This happened on October 9, the same time when the September 28 lynching of Akhkaq by a Hindu mob was being discussed everywhere in world. Yes, world.

How come another death, with obvious religious angles (as obvious as Dadri lynching) was not even once mentioned in electronic media? How come there was no ‘outrage’ which was speaking of ‘religious intolerance’ and ‘an atmosphere where even people were being killed for petty reasons’ like eating beef?

And Twitter? No secular debate either! When I searched, I couldn’t find a mention from news organisations. Those who mentioned it would easily be classified as Hindu fanatics by the ‘secular’ people of the nation.

Lo and behold! No one returned an award, even the simpler ones like ’employee of the month’ or the likes!

I mean, a Hindu’s murder in broad daylight must have some significance! APPARENTLY, it doesn’t.

Oh, I forgot that Mangaluru is too far from Bihar and Prashant Poojary (29, and dead with a Hindu name) isn’t the kind where people go crazy with outrage. This nation has 80% Hindus, so Hindus should keep dying.

A Hindu being cut to death is natural, even if it is unnatural.

When you search Dadri lynching, you would find Washington Post, NY Times and every Indian media organisation from The Indian Express to Times of India, having tens of stories to show. They have a dedicated Wikipedia page as well. Yes, it moved the world as a Muslim was killed by Hindu mob, you see! How intolerant!

What happens with the search terms ‘Moodbidri killing’? Nothing much, a bunch of sites you have never heard in your whole life would pop up. And of course, there is no Wikipedia page and no Washington Post, NYT, TOI, Indian Express either.

Apparently, murders have types. Quite expectedly, intellectual’s outrage with arguments of ‘suffocation’, ‘intolerance’, ‘secularism’ depends on what type the murder belongs to.

One can understand the confusion of media. Who will they ask to resign? Who will they ask to condemn; then condemn in harsh words; then condemn in the exact words that they want? Who will they ask to speak if the atmosphere in the nation (yes, nation) was being flared up by fanatics of a particular community?

Picture this: There is a 29-year old young man helping his father sell flowers at his shop. Two motorcycle riding guys come, attack him with sharp weapons and flee away as he bleeds to death.

‘Is he a Muslim?’ No! Whatever… Bring me a cup of tea.

‘Is he a Muslim?’ Yes! Let’s go crazy… Let’s bring out a dictionary with heavy words. Let’s study the constitution and talk about it. And then, bring a cup of tea.


  1. The mainstream media has covered this murder , as you can see if you take time off writing to read.

    The reason why the Dadri lynching garnered so much attention was because of two things :

    1. The reason given was that the family had beef in their house

    2. The nonsensical statements made by various BJP members at various levels , justifying the lynching.

    Neither of these reasons was valid in Prashant Poojary’s murder ; just as other activists in other professions are murdered by those they are exposing , so also in Poojary’s case.

    In the case of Mohammed Akhlaq that was not the case ; an innocent man , who had no enemies was lynched because the atmosphere had been surcharged by the beef ban imposed in many states ; since then 2 more people have been lynched for similar reasons.

    Do you still feel that both incidents should be treated identically ?

    • Yes and the point being both are crimnal acts and punishable under law?. Oh but if forgot that Hindus are not entitled to protection since they are majority anyway. What a pathetic mindset

    • an excerpt from the interview But, Sir, you objected to my suggestion that we should do away with Hinduism and have a society consisting only of minorities – wouldn’t that be truly secular? If you permit me, I thought the idea was brilliant.

      Umph, brilliant indeed! As if people were ready to abandon their superstitions so easily! And if they were, what would become of us politicians in your ideal society?

      Why, Sir, as you said earlier, you could work for the welfare of all mino… — I mean, communities. All of them would have the same rights, the same opportunities, the same …

      I can see that what they teach you in your journalism schools is far removed from the hard realities. Theory, all theory! In no time, all those “communities” of yours would be at each other’s throats and we would have a hundred civil wars ravaging the country.

      Sir, does this not imply that if we have relative peace in Indian society, it’s because the majority is Hindu?

      What peace? Everywhere we can see violence against minorities and rising intolerance — fast rising, alarmingly rising. Writers, filmmakers, artistes and others have all said so. We are going through very dark times.

      The Kashmiri Pandit I met the other day gave me a long list of cases of inter-communal violence and intolerance under previous regimes. Shall I read it out to you, Sir?

      No need. We all know that barring stray incidents, society was mostly peaceful then.

      It was peaceful then, but is in turmoil now?

      Anyone can see that.

      So was it peaceful because the majority was Hindu then?

      No. It was because we politicians had succeeded in convincing the majority that its primary duty is to show tolerance towards the minorities.

      So that’s why there is so much outrage when that tolerance is breached?

      Exactly — now you’ve got it right.

      But, Sir, I still don’t understand why there is no such outrage when Hindu devotees at Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar or in temples of Jammu and Kashmir or at Godhra are killed just because they are Hindus?

      We have all condemned those attacks; they were the work of terrorists.

      Islamic terrorism?

      No — terrorism has no religion.

      However, isn’t it a fact, Sir, that the culprits in all such cases — also in the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits, the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, Coimbatore, Varanasi and other places — were Muslims?

      They were terrorists. If they acted as Muslims, it must have been under provocation from Hindu extremists.

      So now you are the one to use the word “Hindu”?

      Why not? If Hindus turn into aggressors, we should not hesitate to denounce them.

      But not if Muslims or others happen to be aggressors?

      I must remind you that Muslims are a minority; they are victims, not aggressors.

  2. I am from the same state… Even I heard the news after a long time. Saddens to see the selective media coverage for incidents of similar nature

  3. Finally media is reporting this after our twitter # tag ‪#‎HindusAreHumanToo‬.

    Mr Poojary was killed allegedly for trying to stop illegal cow slaughter by the men who are members of the Popular Front of India or PFI – a pro-Muslim group.

    I want to know reaction of Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardeshai and all the so called sickular leaders.

    • Rajdeep has posted an article saying that since he was a bajrag dal activist and bajrang dal uses crime, it is not as important. In other words Mohammed Aklaq was innocent, but poojary was not? He has not even mentioned whether he was a criminal or is there a case against him. I have completely lost any respect for sardesai. it is nauseating to even think of him

      • Dear Rajdeep Sardesai

        Before I come to your latest blog, I want to talk about your Facebook post from 14th October 2015. One of the issues you raised there was your problem with “labels“. You said: “it is so easy to label someone with a differing opinion” and that you “resent the use of labels“. Yet, your latest blog starts with the words “The pseudo-patriots“. Isn’t this a “label“, on “someone who has a differing opinion“? I, on the other hand, have no issues with labels and hence I call you a two-faced hypocrite.

        Coming to today’s post, you have chosen a convenient straw-man of pitting Dadri against Moodbidri. Like a one-on-one encounter where one event has to win, and the other must suffer an ignominious defeat. In your highly bi-polar world, only one can exist and the other must perish. Unfortunately, the point was never that and it never will be. What the ordinary man on the street is saying repeatedly (and why you had to write your apologetic and defensive blog) is: “Yes Dadri was an extremely heinous incident. We all condemn it. Now can we hear at least a part condemnation for Moodbidri?“. No-one is saying Moodbidri is the counterpart of Dadri in all “chhatees gun“, It is you who has purposely made the debate so, for your own convenience.

        While Dadri was in the media spotlight right from day one, Moodbidri was relegated to regional media and in the back-pages of national media. It came into national media’s focus almost 10 days after the event, that too after consistent pressure from social media. This is the problem. The role of the media is to report news in an impartial manner. A business news outlet would, for example, report news about an Ambani and also news about a Wipro. The intensity and the focus would be proportionate to the respective news but yes, they would certainly report it. But no, our “secular” mainstream media finds zero value in reporting all news proportionately.

        Instead self-appointed “thekedaars” of secular and liberal values like you, go on to play judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. Sitting in your plush offices, you like to decide which news item was a ‘political war‘ and which news item was threatening the “Idea of India”. Which is why you have given elaborate justifications for ignoring Moodbidri and also the “context” of the murder of Prashant Poojary, as if to say, since this is the context, the murder is not important.

        You start of by saying he’s a Bajrang Dal activist and Bajrang Dal has “self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities“. You now invoke Babu Bajrangi. You are ready to sacrifice Prashant at the altar of secularism for the crimes of a Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat (who incidentally is already paying for his crimes by serving a life term, as prescribed by courts, not some kangaroo court in a TV studio). Why should Prashant be judged via the prism of Babu Bajrangi? Should I judge you from the prism of a Tarun Tejpal?

        You then say Prashant is accused of intimidation and violence in the region while fighting the beef mafia. FYI Rajdeep, cow slaughter is banned in Karnataka and even bull slaughter is governed by strict rules. It is entirely possible that Prashant was helping in upholding the law, just as it is possible that he was doing so, using illegal means.

        Importantly, when he was hacked to death, he was an accused. If he was eventually proven guilty he would have gotten his just desserts from the court. He did not deserve to be murdered on the street in any circumstance. To your credit, you echoed similar sentiments. Unfortunately, there was a “but”:.

        He didn’t deserve to die under any circumstance but there is a political context to his death as there would be in Bengal when Trinamool workers clash with CPI M.

        What does this “but” mean? Is being killed under a political context a lesser crime? Like @bhak_sala remarked on Twitter, it seems even a convicted terrorist like Yakub Memon got more sympathy and mileage than an accused (of much smaller crimes) like Prashant. You wouldn’t want to hear this “but” in other circumstances, yet you casually throw this “but” here. This inability to condemn Prashant’s death without a rider has exposed your hypocrisy even more. Thanks, the nation will remember this “but”.

        And in all this glossing over, you chose very smartly to ignore another murder in Moodbidri. That of 60 year old Vaman Poojary, the key eyewitness in Prashant’s murder. And I know why your “moral compass” forced you to turn a blind “secular” eye to this gruesome murder. Because you couldn’t paint him with the same brush of Babu Bajrangi, drawing a false sense of complicity. There was no “context”, no “political war”, no scope for a “but” to butt in. You knew you would lose the game and hence you didn’t play it. And that also has exposed you once again.

        And now I come to why you wrote your blog. Because you were stung, ashamed and exposed on social media and to an extent on National media, because Anupam Kher took you on. It was solely because of the relentless pressure of social media that your hand was forced and you had to speak about Moodbidri on your show. And you couldn’t tolerate that. You couldn’t tolerate the fact that lakhs of ordinary people had challenged you sitting in your ivory tower and forced you into talking about something which you considered only a “political war”.

        I foresee more such blogs from you though. You have been thoroughly exposed on social media multiple times. You have lost your cool on New York streets, getting into fist fights with people who had a “differing opinion” (At least you did not label them then). The Supreme Court has chided your ilk (including you) for allowing a liar like Sanjiv Bhatt to play the “media card” (To be honest I do not know whether it was he who used you or vice versa).

        You had learnt to push such public humiliation under the carpet of “abusive Bhakts” by playing the victim card every single time. But now the stage has moved on to your home, which is so aptly called the “idiot box”. Celebrities are now coming to your show and easily demolishing the carefully crafted façade of decades. Social media users are now pressurising you. You are no longer in total control, the control is slipping. And you don’t like it one bit.

        The game is changing Rajdeep. And like the earlier game, which you did not play, its better you sit out this one too.

  4. I have been living in Delhi with my parents since my childhood …. We left our village that is in UP you know why because it was Muslim dominant locality . Muslim made our life miserable as they used make fun of our religious activity and even they disrupted our religious function so many times .If somebody confronted them they beat him and humiliate him. Almost all male adult had been insulted or beaten by them one by one with some excuses.They threw big bone and meat pieces in our temple sometime we tried to complain but it was in vein and useless. In our village situation still same and almost 70% Hindus have migrated to Delhi or other cities where Hindus in greater majority.

  5. Not only this, the media has developed paralysis on the sikhs holy book episode in Punjab, after discovering the culprits were christian brothers and proof of their phone calls showed by police.
    NONE of the major MEDIA in INDIA has written anything about this, they were in your face for the past 3 days until they got caught. So is the other episode in Kerala where Thomas hands were chopped off – NONE of this self declared intellectuals returned their awards they were like the 3 monkeys, but the fabricated church attacks they were on the streets.
    STOP Buying ALL THE Major Newspapers / magazines in INDIA. They are unpatriotic and ANTI HINDU, don’t support them in any way.


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