Friday November 16, 2018
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Hindu akharas to observe Holi with Gobar and flowers


Ujjain: Simhastha is hovering over the head and the 13 pillars of Sanatan Dharma have camped in the city for the preparations of the mela. With around a month remaining for Simhastha mela the 13 akharas are currently planning to observe the festival of colours with fervor here in the city.

Also you may have heard of Chhadi Maar Holi, Holi of nuts and even Holi of Laddus, but the Sanyasis who are told are disciples of lord Shiva play Holi with fresh Gobar (cow-dung). Yes…you read that true cow-dung! The cow dung Holi is favourite of Nagas, who will rub the same on each other’s faces.

Although functionaries of the akharas have already left the city to prepare for the Simhastha mela and come back with Sadhu Sanyasis, but the remaining will observe the festival with fervour here.  Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad President Mahant Narendra Giri on Sunday told Free Press that Niranjani akhara will host the celebrations of Holi on March 23. He said functionaries of 13 akharas will celebrate the festival on a single stage at the akhara, a feast will also be organised. He said the invitations will also be handed out to the mela authorities.

General Secretary of the akhara Mahant Hari Giri said Gobar Holi is part of Sanyasi culture. In old days colours were not readily available, whereas cow-dung was. Also the cow-dung observed as holy item in Hindu mythology and is given equal rights to as of gods, so we prefer it. The Mahant said on the morning of Holi the Sanyasis will play Holi with cow-dung and in evening floral Holi will be exchanged. Mahant Satya Giri of Avaha Akhara said Holi symbolises the birth of goddess Annapurna, it is the day when lord Bramha, created her to feed his creation. So Holi will be celebrated with delicacies in the Avahan Akhara.


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