Hindu Population rising in the world’s smallest continent Australia

Australian population rises significantly;India one of the key contributors

Yajna, a Hindu ritual. Wikimedia Commons

April 5, 2017: The world’s smallest continent and the largest island Australia has registered a boom in its population and it appears to be as if India is the largest contributor to the rising population.

Having a look at statistic and figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Australia’s population rose by almost 350,000 to 24.2 million during the fiscal ended September 30, 2016. The increase includes almost 200,000 migrants.

The increase includes almost 200,000 migrants. India, the largest single source of migrants to Australia, is being cited as one of the reasons the population of this Indo-Pacific nation is booming — and, expectedly, Hinduism is likely to remain the country’s fastest-growing religion.

More than 40,000 Indians were part of those who arrived in Australia as a part of the 2015-16 migration programmes. Their number (40,145 or 21.2 percent) increased from 34,874 (18.4 per cent) for 2014-15.

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It implies that Hinduism would continue to be the fastest-growing religion in Australia. Hinduism had emerged in the 2011 Census as the fastest-growing religion in Australia and is expected to have continued in the years since.

Thanks to a large number of Indians arriving in Australia as migrants, Hindus are also likely to eclipse Australian Muslims in numbers. When all 2016 statistics are made available later this year, it is expected that Hinduism (2.7 percent of the population) will overtake the number of Australians nominating Islam as their religion (from 2.2 per cent to 2.6 per cent).

China is the second largest contributor to the rise with a contribution of 29008 which is 15.3% as against 14.7% of 2016.The third spot is taken by UK with a mere contribution of 10 %.

Hence it is expected that Indians will be the major driver of Australian economy and India is on its path of making a mark on every part of the world.

-prepared by Nikita Tayal of NewsGram Twitter @NikitaTayal6