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How Mature People Deal With People they Don’t Like? Browse through the List!

At times, we are under a false illusion that we are going to like almost everyone we interact with. In reality, that’s not how it works!

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November 1, 2016: At times, we are under a false illusion that we are going to like almost everyone we interact with. In reality, that’s not how it works!

It’s inevitable you might dislike people for some reason or the other. And, it is important to deal with it in the right manner. Different people tackle it in a different way. Some would like to go on and argue with them or bang their heads to make the other person understand their point of view when it’s a sheer waste of time as he/she is not even bothered to listen to you.

But, people who are smart and mature, they understand other’s perspectives and deal with it in a unique way:

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They accept the fact that they are not really going to like everyone

First and foremost, they accept the fact that they are not going to like everyone in their life. They also accept the fact that not everyone will like them as well, and this is how it works.
It is obvious that the people we don’t like are intrinsically bad human beings. It is just that they have values or opinions which are different from ours.

Gif source: Giphy
Gif source: Giphy

They do not ignore or dismiss the people they don’t like, they simply bear with them

Being around with the people you don’t like is difficult; you may cringe at their constant criticism or grit your teeth at their lousy jokes. Smart people bear with them no matter how difficult that is.
The best way to deal with people you don’t like is to remember that you are not that perfect either, yet there are people who tolerate you.

Gif source: Giphy
Gif source: Giphy

They focus on themselves

When people annoy you, it’s important to handle your frustration. Sometimes, what we don’t like in other people is often what we don’t like in ourselves. Maybe they are just pushing the button.
Matured people focus on themselves and calm themselves down in such situations.

Gif source: Giphy
Gif source: Giphy

They pause and get a grip on their adrenaline pump
When situations seem to go out of control, mature people pause, take a deep breath, and go to the intellectual part of their brain, to avoid arguments.

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Gif source: Giphy

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They allow the necessary space between them

If everything else fails, smart and mature people allow the space between themselves and those they dislike. They simply excuse themselves and go on their way.
With a bit of distance and empathy, you may be able to even interact both with those people you dislike in a calm and composed manner.

Gif source: Giphy
Gif source: Giphy

– by Pinaz Kazi of NewsGram. Twitter: @PinazKazi

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People that do not make an effort to minimize the negative energy surrounding them suffer problems in maintaining lasting relationships. Socializing with other people may feel tiring when you are constantly in a bad mood. When you think you are being dominated by negative energy, take out some time for yourself. Additionally, you can also tell a trustworthy friend about what your problem is. Good and meaningful communication, as well as active listening, are some of the ways to get rid of it.

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If you are angry and upset about a situation, minimize complaining, stop overthinking and focus on remaining positive.

These can be easily identified, as this occurs when you arrive at a certain place and you start to feel low, drained, irritated or tired. This can be due to negative vibes that you feel from this space, for instance, your work place, or your own house. When you find yourself in these negative spaces, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Identify what is causing the negativity in this space, and work to remove it.

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It might not be easy to eliminate negative energy from your life. You can clear out negative energy by first taking responsibility for your feelings, and not blaming someone else.
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Nobody wants negative energy to pervade their lives, yet many of us permit it. Incorporating some changes within will enable us to quickly see positive changes in our lives.

-prepared by Harsimran Kaur of NewsGram. Twitter @Hkaur1025