How untimely rains have killed this farmer’s dream to get his daughter married


By Rituparna Chakrobarty

Until a few days back, Suresh Singh a farmer in India’s Uttar Pradesh was preparing for his daughter’s wedding. But due to the untimely rains in the northern parts of the country, his dream of buying his daughter a bridal dress has been shattered.

The untimely rain and hailstorm in Uttar Pradesh which lasted from Saturday till Sunday has resulted in heavy loss of crops to the state’s farmers. The standing rabi crop has been destroyed due to hailstorm.

Distressed Suresh Singh, said that the rains swept  away his desires and hope as his financial  condition is not very sound and he was banking on the amount from the harvest to get his daughter married in the next month.

Showing grave concern over the situation, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has announced a compensation package of Rs. 200 crores from state’s emergency fund for relief to the farmers without any due recovery.

Fearing how to repay the huge loans, the farmers in the state are worried on how to make up for the lost crop.

“A deep shock wave went through my body when I saw the lashed crops and water leveling to my knee, I thought that my dark days are back again as I took a huge loan for my crops”, said Sambhunath, a farmer.

About 50% of the wheat which was about to be harvested in the month of April has been destroyed.  The other crops also received a major blow from the erratic rains.

The rains will also have an impact on the yield of mango.  All the loss has severely jeopardized the livelihood of the farmers as they are completely dependent on farming activities and have bank loans to pay.

Ironically the farmers were deprived of rain during last monsoon which had damaged their crops. However the immediate compensation announced by the state government has given a breadth of relief to the farmers during these hard times.